5 Key Benefits of Hiring an ATS Driven Recruiting Agency

To meet the increasing challenges of talent acquisition, more and more companies are shifting towards hiring through ATS Driven Recruiting Agencies. Outsourcing helps the recruiters to get the perfect fit for their job role within a given timeframe and offered price.

With the coming of modern technology and globalization, the dynamics of recruiting are changing. The online applicant tracking systems have boosted the momentum of recruiting by cherry-picking candidates world-wide. The experienced recruiters always keep their eye on the ball which helps them to meet candidate expectations and client’s requisites.

In this post of Recruiteze, we’ll discuss how hiring through an ATS-driven recruiting agency is worthy.

ATS driven recruiting agency

1.     An ATS-Driven Recruiting Agency has a Wider Reach

Gone are the days of traditional offline and printed adverts. The social media and job boards are the primary source of recruiters to scout for talent and vice versa. Recruitment needs resources and knowledge to get the cream of the crop.

For recruitment, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. The recruiters have to stay connected with all the platforms to drive out the best talent. Agencies that do not use ATS for their operations often lack to deliver the best candidate.

While an ATS helps the recruiters to stay connected to all major e-platforms such as social media, career sites and job boards from a single interface, it is very important that the advert (job description) reaches the right set of people.

A recruitment agency having a small company ATS would have a pipeline of engaged, skilled, passive and actively job-seeking candidates.  Approaching and convincing passive candidates is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need the right skill, experience and confidence to approach and persuade passive candidates.

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2.     ATS-Driven Recruiting Agencies have Market Knowledge

The recruitment consultants are well updated with the current market trends, news and developments. Going for niche agencies would help the organizations to hire the best of the talents perfectly syncing with the requirements. 

With the ATS analytics and other recruitment metrics, the recruitment consultants know the right strategy. They also update the clients regarding candidate surplus or skill shortage in the market. These staggering insights help the ATS-driven recruiting agency as well the client organization to refine their adverts again.

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Apart from that, ATS-driven recruiting agencies keep a check over their client’s competitors as well. They make the right set of negotiations to prevent losing a deserving candidate to the rival company. 

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3.     Saves Time

Time is money! Integrating technology in our daily chores is more of a need now and not a luxury. The biggest nightmare turns real when the hired employee doesn’t join the organization or leaves within a month. The entire effort, resources, time and money are dead in the water.

So, it’s better to hire a quality employee that contributes well and becomes an integral part of the organization. All thanks to years of experience, expertise and professional approach of recruitment consultants that help to find stalwart and allegiant employees to the company.

Recruitment is never a single day activity even in the case of urgencies. You just cannot pick a random candidate and make an offer. Recruitment needs time to find the best of the best.

Screening the resumes manually and follow-ups take a lot of time. An ATS takes care of all nitty-gritty of the recruiting hassles.

An ATS screens resumes at lightning speed and shortlists the best-matched applicants. The consultants keep in touch and follow up on the candidates through the automatic notification feature of the ATS. All the initial interviews can easily be scheduled before taking up the final one with the clients.

Now the HR department of the organization can focus on other important things as well.

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4.     Employer Branding and Compliance

Employer branding is important not only for recruiting but from a business point of view as well. ATS-driven recruiting agencies understand and make sure that your employer brand stays intact throughout the recruiting process. The consultants try to give candidates a real feel of the client company’s culture and brand.

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An employer brand is something that cannot be compromised at any cost. An online applicant tracking system aids the organization to meet its diversity goals. With ATS, every recruiting activity is logged and is transparent. So, in case of any legal issues, an ATS offers all the right documents to prepare for the audit or inspection.

5.     Right Recruitment Knowledge

ATS Recruiting agencies know how to make any job description rank using popular keywords. A properly framed job description ensures wider and right reach. With the help of online ATS, the recruiters draft a compelling, persuasive and attractive job description.

The recruiting agencies know the right set of words to be punched in the online talent acquisition software to get the best-matched talent. Further, the ATS analytics tells the recruitment consultants regarding which strategy to push to drive maximum results.

Deliverables of every ATS Driven Recruiting Agency

  • Quality Hire
  • Impressive Employer Branding
  • Saves time, money and resources
  • Streamlines the recruitment process
  • Great market intelligence
  • Advice client companies on the latest recruiting trends
  • Perfect-fit candidates within a short turnaround time
  • Presence of strong network across all platforms such as social media, job boards/portals

Apart from all the above-listed deliverables, the main objective of every recruitment firm is the retention of employees. These recruiting firms alleviate the pain-off client’s shoulders and work round the clock to provide them their best-fit candidates.

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