5 Reasons to Outsource Recruiting for your Small Business

If you own a small business, then you know how time-consuming recruiting new staff members can be. You’ve already got your hands full training new employees and managing sales. But, business is booming so it’s time to put a little thought behind how you’re going to continue growing your business, and you’re well aware that making a bad hiring decision could cost you greatly. As such, you may want to consider outsourcing your recruitment efforts. Today we’ll discuss five reasons you should consider outsourcing recruiting.

outsource recruiting

1. Save Time and Money by Outsourcing Recruiting

Hiring is expensive. Not only does the cost of recruiting activities such as advertising online, background screenings, recruitment technology and tracking systems add up, but every second you spend recruiting is time that could be better spent on other business activities.

If you choose to outsource recruiting, a recruitment firm can help you streamline the process by rolling all those individual activities into one service, which will save you time and money. You pick and choose how you want to be involved, and they can partner with you to meet the needs of your growing small business.

2. Outsource Recruiting so you can Focus on the Business

Many small business owners wear a variety of different hats, some of which they are highly qualified to wear, and others that are done out of necessity. Recruiting tends to be one of those tasks that is done out of necessity, rather than skill. In fact, when you take time off your main job (running a business) to recruit new hires, you’re neglecting the job that pays the bills. When you outsource recruiting, it allows you to focus on your business.

3. Recruiting Firms specialize in Hiring Strategies

Going back to our previous point, business owners are often really good at managing a business, and while that usually includes creating a strategy for growth or developing a marketing plan; it does not always include building a recruitment strategy that supports the growth of the business. Without a recruitment strategy in place, your business plan may not ever be fully realized, and you could be wasting valuable time and money.

Recruitment firms specialize in developing hiring strategies to meet business objectives. Their goal is to not only to help you find the right talent for the job but to help you create a funnel of candidates that can meet your future business goals. With a more efficient recruiting strategy in place, you eliminate costly, repetitive tasks, and reduce delays – which again, saves you time and money in the long-run.

4. Outsource Recruiting and Improve the Quality of Hires

If you’re trying to recruit and hire on your own, you may find that you just aren’t finding the level of qualified candidates you think your business deserved, especially if you’re constantly refilling a specific position with a high turnover rate. It may not necessarily be a reflection of your company or the salary you’re offering but could be a case of not looking in the right place.

Recruiting firms are experts in sourcing the top talent on the market. They know where to look (and where not to look), how to market a position, what qualities to look for, how to approach a candidate, and how to manage the entire process seamlessly. When you trust your recruiting efforts with someone who specializes in recruitment, you will quickly reap the benefits of higher quality hires.

5) Reduce Turnover Rate by Outsourcing Recruiting

We eluded to this in our previous point, but if you are experiencing high turnover, it may be a result of your current recruitment process (or lack thereof). If you choose to outsource recruiting, a recruiter will want to fully understand your business, including your company culture, so they can find candidates that perfectly align with your business. A recruiting firm can also help you better develop your company brand so that you’re attracting the right type of people to your business, even when you don’t have any open positions. When you place individuals who are better suited to the business, you’ll find that turnover rates drastically decrease.

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