7 Recruiting Impacts From the Coronavirus

Much like the rest of the world, we’ve been keeping an eye on the spread of the novel coronavirus and considering the impact it is having and may have on recruiting and hiring in the months and years to come. As such today we’ll discuss 7 possible recruiting impacts from the Coronavirus that we should prepare for and how we all can adjust in the coming months.

1. Recruiting Impacts from the Coronavirus: Hiring reductions worldwide

While the virus may or may not be as deadly as it’s been reported, we do know that fear has played a huge role in how people are behaving. Just as people have been hoarding toilet paper and other supplies, businesses may react by purposely reducing or halting hiring decisions for a period of time. If you plan to continue recruiting and hiring, it’s important than you come up with a remote-hiring model.

2. Recruiting Impacts from the Coronavirus: Travel restrictions may be in place for some time

Travel restrictions are already in place, but we don’t know yet how long until they are lifted. Recruiters should plan to conduct as much of the recruiting and hiring process as they can virtually as scheduling face-to-face interviews may be difficult for some time, especially if it requires a candidate to jump on an airplane.

3. Recruiting Impacts from the Coronavirus: Large recruiting events may be discouraged

While we don’t think that large gatherings will be eliminated entirely, we do think that it’s possible that traditional public recruiting events like job fairs or campus-recruiting events may become discouraged or extremely limited in the months to come following the Coronavirus outbreak. Recruiters will need to increase recruitment marketing strategies using web-based platforms and social media to conduct business for the unforeseen future.

4. Recruiting Impacts from the Coronavirus: Discrimination could occur

Even though the coronavirus has spread across the globe and is affecting every race, gender and age group, the growing fear of the coronavirus is likely to increase discrimination against Asian candidates. Specifically, be sure to watch for unconsciously screening out resumes with Asian-sounding names (regardless of where the person is residing).

On a related note, those who continue to wear face masks (whether as a precaution or because of active infection), could also face discrimination. For the unforeseen future, we also imagine that anyone who is perceived to have even mild cold symptoms will have issues getting work if they don’t already have a job. As such, blind face-to-face or phone interviews may become necessary to remove the bias.

5. Potential new jobs

For any business that relies on Asia to perform work (regardless of the task), you may see some jobs relocate to the United States because of some of the travel quarantine restrictions or impacts on production and exports. This is purely speculation, but some companies may find that it’s easier to manage the work from “home” than to outsource the work to another country with the coronavirus at play.

6. Longer Time-to-Fill

Now is not the time to compete for the fastest time-to-hire. Domestic and global positions may take longer to fill simply because of travel restrictions and quarantines. Rather than being frustrated, just take one day at a time and allow yourself longer lead times to fill open positions.

7. Stronger Demand for ATS

Recruiters could well be overextended in the months to come as we settle into a new way of life. At this time, we don’t know if that means mass layoffs or tremendous group. Either way now is a great time to start using an Applicant Tracking System.

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