Candidate Management System: How It Can Help with Resume Handling Challenges

online resume formatting systemA recruiter’s and a hiring manager’s time hinges on resumes, which means if the resumes aren’t handled efficiently, their productivity suffers. Often their sanity does too. When both of these suffer, the quality of their work suffers too. Let’s just say how you handle resumes is crucial. Thankfully, candidate management systems can reduce much of the pain of handling resumes by automating mindless but necessary work such as uploading, parsing, and formatting. Let’s go over some of what candidate management systems can do against big bad resume handling challenges. If you need the best CMS, check out Recruiteze. Our free talent tracking and online resume formatting system makes hiring easy. Start your free trial today!

Challenge: Painstaking Manual Uploading of Resumes

If you’re using a spreadsheet or an applicant tracking system that doesn’t support resume uploading and parsing, you are losing out in the productivity department.

As we pointed out in a previous post, “On average, a job posting receives 250 job applications. That means it takes 2500 minutes to add the candidates for each job. This amounts to 42 hours, or a week’s worth of time, to just add the candidates to the database.”
Uploading resumes to your database is one of those mindless but necessary tasks that should take up as little time as possible, or hopefully be done automatically by a program. And it can be, if you have the right program.

Applicant tracking systems and candidate management systems, whether on-premise or online, can upload resumes in bulk. This instantly adds them to your applicant tracking system without you having to open one file or type one word.

For resumes you receive in email, you don’t have to download them and then upload them. You can simply forward the emails to your online applicant tracking system for them to be uploaded and parsed. It only takes one click.

You may be wondering what resume parsing is. It is a delightful feature that extracts information from the resumes you upload and puts it into one easy to sort and compare format. If you want to quickly search for all candidates with a skill, your applicant tracking system can instantly direct you to each resume with that skill listed in it.

When you use a career portal with your applicant tracking system, resumes are automatically sent from it to the candidate database.

As we explain on our website, the online job applications feature allows job seekers to apply online via your Careers Page. Applications are added to your database and routed to the recruiter and/or hiring manager.

Challenge: Organizing Candidate Profiles

So, what all can a candidate management system do with the information it uploads and parses?


A candidate management system can automatically associate the right candidate to the right job or client. This means you don’t even always have to search anything.

Duplicate Resumes

Your applicant tracking system will also detect duplicate resumes, or different resumes from the same candidate, and compile them into one candidate profile. This makes it so much easier to manage each individual candidate and saves you time and confusion trying to sort out an incorrect number of candidates that occurs when resumes and/or candidates appear more than once. It also means you can make notes on one candidate and it will actually appear in only one place, not on one of their several resumes where you then can’t find it.


Candidate management systems provide you the option to add notes to individual clients, hiring managers, and candidates. With this tool, you can remind yourself of important details without having to go back and forth between programs or between your device and paper notes.

You can save a great deal of time on each candidate with these notes because you can read their resume, make notes, and use those notes when you conduct a phone or in-person interview so you don’t have to read their resume over and over to refresh yourself on their details. You can also score candidates with notes to help you decide between candidates with less reading and deliberation later on in the hiring process. You won’t have to worry about forgetting things about them or vague characteristics because you have a handy score you made out when you were talking to them.

Scoring can be very important, as we outlined in a prior post:

“Score Candidates. Do nothing with a candidate’s profile without giving them a score on a ready-made, universal score you have made or making notes about the candidate from this individual viewing. Either of these tactics will help you save time reviewing candidate information and make it much easier for you to compare similarly qualified candidates. So, if you’re first skimming their resume, reading their social media profile, or talking to them on the phone, jot down a score or a note based on this interaction.”

Notes and scoring help you provide proof and show your thinking so-to-speak, if your hiring decisions come into question with hiring managers, clients, or the government. One action taken when you’re reading the candidate’s resume can save you so much time and headache later.

Challenge: Formatting Resumes for Easier Comparison

online resume formatting systemWhether it’s a company unable to get recruiters to format resumes to suit their system or a recruiter trying to make all the resumes they are working with look the same for their own ease of reading and for showing to a client, resume formatting is a big thing.

This action, done manually, takes a lot of time and tries the nerves, but our online resume formatting system can do it for you effortlessly.

In case you don’t already know, resume formatting is where someone handling a lot of resumes conforms all the resumes they receive into the same parameters, placing the names, skills, education, and what not, in the same place and make their design fit certain, identical features so it is easier to read and compare many candidates.

With Recruiteze’s applicant tracking and online resume formatting system, a resume can be formatted in less than 30 seconds without you suffering any sanity reduction.

It provides:

  • Image removal
  • Header standardization
  • Footer standardization
  • Margin standardization
  • Candidate name rearranging
  • Date standardization
  • Contact information removal
  • Font standardization
  • Bullet standardization
  • Removing unwanted spaces

Font standardization is the most used resume formatting change performed for recruiting, and it refers to changing the style, type, and size of the font. Some fonts and font sizes are simply easier on the eyes and brain to read. This is also one of the most important changes for making reading multiple resumes back to back less stressful.

Many recruiters remove the contact information from resumes before sending them to clients and hiring managers to prevent them from calling the candidate.

Candidate name standardization refers to ensuring the order of first and last name is the same on all resumes. This, of course, makes resumes easier to read and eliminates confusion.

The same is true for dates. Since people write dates with different symbols and in different orders. Standardization helps tremendously with this issue. Bullets come in many forms, and some people even manually create bullets. This means recruiters and clients love to see this feature standardized.

Unwanted spaces, such as two spaces after a period, double spacing after paragraphs and other similar spacing issues, don’t seem like a big deal. People utilize these spaces differently and when you’re dealing with large numbers of resumes the differences can shine out quite frustratingly.

You might be surprised just how much difference these details can make when reading masses of resumes. It reduces confusion, eliminates having to reread and rethink a resume due to differing placement, and makes comparing resumes so much easier because everything is organized the same.


online resume formatting systemOf course, no automated system is 100% error-free, so you’ll sometimes have to manually add or edit some information. You also want to be mindful that because candidate databases read the exact words on the resumes, your human brain can often detect patterns and make deductions about a candidate that the applicant tracking system cannot. People may display additional skills that aren’t listed on their resumes for the applicant tracking system to categorize, for instance. While applicant tracking systems do an excellent job at what they are designed to do, your candidates and your clients will appreciate your awareness of candidates beyond the amazing categorizing skills of your time-saving tool.

Candidate management systems help you work smarter instead of harder, which is crucial in recruiting. Without a finely tuned productivity strategy, you can work your fingers to the bone and your brain to mush doing tedious tasks that could be automated when you could be spending your time building meaningful candidate and client relationships.

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