More Ways to Engage Top Passive Job Candidates

Free Recruiting SoftwareWelcome back. We are here to talk more about passive candidates and how you can better engage them when recruiting! As we mentioned last post, the Department of Labor stated that, “Finding these potential hires requires recruiters to be more active in their pursuit, but it’s definitely worth the effort – passive candidates comprise 84% of the potential workforce.”

Today we’re going to continue talking about the best ways to engage passive candidates that might be the best fit for your opening. If your company is searching for free recruiting software, check out Recruiteze. We make recruiting easy!

Engaging Passive Job Candidates

Video Interviews

One of the best ways to engage a passive candidate is to offer them an opportunity to video interview versus doing so face-to-face. While this process isn’t new, it’s also not completely accepted in many industries. For those hoping to hire a top passive applicant, it’s important to offer this option. In addition to gaining a valuable employee, you’ll also save time and money doing so. Furthermore, you’ll also give the candidate a way to discuss their skills without putting them at a disadvantage as well.

Employer Branding

Because of their nature, passive candidates aren’t actually searching for companies they’d like to work for. They’re only looking for a career that fits well with their experience. This means, interaction with a passive applicant is key in ensuring they’ll find you. Use social media to interact with candidates and build your employer brand in a way that’s strong and eye-catching for those that are casually perusing LinkedIn and other social networks for work.  Also be sure your company’s culture is defined here as well. Even more, don’t forget to add your website link so that they can visit it to get a better feel for your business.

Making sure you create an employer brand that’s strong and ever present online is a great way to frequently grab the attention and interest of all potential candidates, especially those that are passive. For companies that don’t yet have a brand, now is a great time to get things started. Tell your business’s story. Get it out there on social media and the website. Doing so will mean attracting more passive candidates that might be an extreme value to your company.

Remember, passive candidates aren’t invaluable ones. They’re often some of the top applicants you’ll find. It just takes a bit more effort to attract them. Work on your employer brand and think outside the box when working toward recruiting!

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