Essential Skills for Recruiters in 2020

Oh, who are we kidding! Recruiters have always gone above and beyond the call of duty, but what will the job description of a recruiter look like going into 2020 and beyond? As the demand for hiring competencies increases and organizations continue to embrace the latest technologies to help recruiters reach and exceed their targets, there are three essential skills for recruiters that will really define what recruitment and selection mean in 2020.

essential skills for recruiters

Out with the Old, In with the New

Before we talk about what will be added to recruiter’s job descriptions in 2020, let’s discuss a few things that were once key to recruitment that are being phased out. Not that any of these skill sets aren’t useful from time to time, but if this is all a recruiter is doing, they’ll be sorely left behind. These skills include:

Resume Screening

Tried and true, screening resumes is no longer considered an essential skill for recruiters. If you’re spending countless hours creating reports, checking received applications, and tracking where they’re coming from, then you could benefit from Recruiteze! This free online applicant tracking system is an amazing system that can help you become more effective, productive, and streamlined, without having to worry about the day-to-day hassle of keeping track of a never-ending spreadsheet.

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Staffing Services

Staffing agencies will continue to be relevant in 2020, however, their focus will shift from quantity to quality as hiring tools have become more advanced.

Cold Calling

The nature of a phone call has dramatically changed over the last 10 years. People don’t tend to answer their phone nearly as often for one, but with digitalization and social recruiting on the upswing, unsolicited telephone calls to candidates are often treated much like an unsolicited telemarketing call. Therefore, cold calling will quickly become outdated in 2020.

Now that we’ve discussed components of the old job description, let’s take a look at three essential skills for recruiters that will redefine a recruiter’s role moving forward.

Essential Skills for Recruiters: Problem Solving

We’ve seen a growing trend in organizations over the past few years and will continue to see this trend in 2020 – recruiters will no longer strictly service as a tactical support system, but be utilized as a strategic partner. In 2020, recruiters will be expected to be the bridge that connects organizational goals to ground-level implementation. As such, a problem-solving attitude along with excellent communication skills will be an essential skill set for recruiters in 2020.

Essential Skills for Recruiters: Focus on Diversity

Diversity in the workplace has dramatically changed over the past few years. As such, recruiters are not only expected to keep up but improve firm diversity initiatives by guiding companies toward a more diverse and inclusive workplace with socially conscious hiring goals.

Essential Skills for Recruiters: Metics-Led Hiring

Going into 2020, recruiters are expected to leverage data analysis and key performance indicators (KPIs) to quantify hiring decisions. Doing so will not only lead to more strategic recruitment, but gain buy-in from business leaders who will further invest in recruitment technologies for success in 2020, and beyond.

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