Practical Strategies on How to Hire And Retain Rockstar Developers

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Did you know that 90% of users would continue to buy products online from a specific company just because the website offers a great user experience (UX)? A recent report from Toptal demonstrates the importance of having a killer website or app brilliantly. However, this is only possible if a company hires talented professionals. 

Admittedly, this is not a simple task as there are more than 4 million developers in the United States alone, according to a DQYDJ report. Choosing the right one will seem like a tedious task if you don’t know the critical steps in identifying a great developer.

On the other hand, once you find the best fit for your company, the next goal would be to retain them. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you hire the best aspirants, along with the best tips to keep them once they’re working with you.

Become a Developer’s Haven

To achieve this, you need to invest in tools that developers will find helpful and convenient to maintain productivity and work in a happy environment. Tools like KeyCode Info, Trello, and HTML Minifier are some of the best ones to consider. 

Ensuring that your employees have the necessary tools to perform effectively is the number one step towards guaranteeing their happiness. Failure to do so will likely drive the most outstanding, smart, and efficient talents away from your company. Primarily, we all love a conducive work environment.

According to a Stack Overflow Developer Survey, developers consider some aspects when deciding where to work. Some of the most important ones include career development opportunities, diversity level, financial approach, and remote working capability. 

Let Your “Company Ambassadors” Do the Talking

It may sound crazy, but many people would work in a specific company just because of the existing workforce. Aspirants will see this as an opportunity to grow and learn from professionals they trust and admire. That’s why there are companies that have developers active in the development community to share their knowledge about their workplace. 

If you employ this technique, your employees will start being the best ambassadors of your company—they will give conferences, speeches and earn other developers’ trust.  

Test Them with challenges they will face in your company  

Looking at their technical resume is an excellent first step as it shows you an insight into their capabilities based on previous challenges they faced. However, this doesn’t necessarily reflect their performance when accepted into your company. If you test them with real-life examples of what they’ll be required to do, you’ll get to see them in action, and this will be an excellent filter to find the best developers for your company. 

One thing to note, however, is that you should provide some flexibility to prospective employees when it comes to coding languages. It is often easier for a developer to learn a new language to solve a specific problem, rather than learning a new way to solve a problem using a single language.

Become an Event Sponsor 

Hosting or sponsoring events for developers will allow you to build connections with some of the best talents in the field. Smart and ambitious developers typically attend these types of events to share ideas with their peers, learn new trends, and grow their career network. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for your company to have a broader list of developers’ contacts. 

This is a relatively less popular technique, so it’ll be easier for you to snatch exceptional talent before other companies do. During an event, you’ll be able to judge their skills, capabilities, and experience. 

If you find talent who seems like a perfect fit for your company, it is wise to ditch the “cold email” strategy and build a stronger rapport with them first. Once you know each other better, you can drop them a personalized email that encourages them to apply for a position at your organization.

online applicant tracking system

Ways to Retain Your Employees

The key to retaining a good developer is to understand and acknowledge their value in the market and act accordingly. Did you know that the survival of most C-suite companies depends, at a significant level, on the availability of developers? A study from Stripe and Harris showed how powerful and vital developers are for any company. With this in mind, you can now strategize to your company’s benefits.

Some of the initiatives you can take include providing them with the latest tech tools, allowing them to use a creative approach to tackle work-related issues, allowing them the flexibility to problem-solve, and offering career advancements. Developers who feel like their employers highly value them will be more encouraged to take on more responsibilities and stay right.

Online Applicant Tracking System

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