Hiring and Retaining Healthcare Employees in 2018

Staffing Agency SoftwareHealthcare is an important industry that must take great pride in the hiring and retaining of employees. Aside from the fact that it’s not cost-effective to replace employees, turnover can cause an issue with the care of patients. Having low turnover will enhance the quality of patient care and help the healthcare industry continue to be a competent, effective workforce that is continually successful. Below, you will find several tips that can help you within your healthcare system when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent. If your business specializes in healthcare hiring, check out Recruiteze. Our free staffing agency software makes hiring easy! Start your free trial today.

Whether you’re hiring CNAs, registered nurses, LPNs or other positions, make sure your salaries are competitive. Without a wage that provides for your employees’ cost-of-living, it’s hard to combat high turnover. When compensation is at a competitive level, workers won’t have to worry about finding a new position in another healthcare system that pays more. All hospital workers and other healthcare facility employees are important, not just nurses and doctors. Remember to consider housekeeping, medical assistance, dietary staff, and administration, as well. All of these workers go into making help your system successful with a high standard of patient care.

As with all industries, hiring new talent should be done in a way that’s a great fit for your organization. When your new hires are not able to fit in with your company culture, it can cause an issue both in the beginning and long-term. Consider conducting peer interviews. This will help ensure candidates are able to meet their future coworkers as well as meet other healthcare workers that are high performing, quality talent. They will also be able to meet department directors and HR staff. Working with peer interviews can consist of two to four candidates who are top picks with recruiters. Once peers have met with these workers, they have the final say over the hire. This will make certain that the company’s culture will be a great fit for the new employee. To make hiring easy, be sure to use Recruiteze. Our free staffing agency software and applicant tracking saves you time and money.

Employee engagement is essential. Many times, we only focus on the satisfaction of our workers. However, some people are satisfied to have a job but not happy with the company in general. Focusing more on employee engagement will help you retain employees. It will also help with your company’s culture. Many times, this culture speaks for itself when finding new hires.

According to beckerhospitalreview.com, “One of the unique concerns healthcare organizations have about their employees is the emotional toll of dealing with sick patients, many who may be facing death. Because of these demands, we have our own, in-house employee assistance program with several professional counselors who are available to our employees. The counselors are able to address home, work, financial and personal problems so that their effect on an employee’s life and work is reduced. While some attrition is natural due to retirement and relocation, these programs have helped Mercy Hospital keep our turnover rate below 10 percent for the last seven years. Top quartile performance for healthcare turnover is approximately 11.4 percent or lower.”

If you’re looking to start recruiting for a healthcare facility, be sure to follow these tips. They’ll help you hire new workers that are a great asset to your healthcare system as well as retain these individuals and those that are already working in your system.

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