How a Small Business Applicant Tracking System Saves Time for Smaller Recruiting Teams or Startups?

Even though hiring like Apple or Microsoft is not everyone’s cup of tea, startups can make a huge impact by using a small business applicant tracking system. Most of the startups may believe that starting with spreadsheets, manual emails and other obsolete tools could work but as the company scales, it becomes cumbersome to manage everything manually. The manual driven recruiting process does not bring anything productive on board than just creating stress and frustration for both candidates as well as hiring teams. 

small business applicant tracking system

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A small company ATS streamlines and digitizes every underlying recruiting process, thereby saving the recruiter’s precious time and his efforts. With so many options available in the market, you need to find out which ATS works best for you. This blog covers how an small business applicant tracking system helps startups and small businesses save time and money when they are on a shoe-string budget.

1. Smart Hiring

Employees working in a small company often do multi-tasking. Sometimes there is no dedicated recruitment team and the technical team itself has the responsibility of hiring. In such a situation, an extended vacancy makes the work of employees even harder. Neither they are able to source the candidates nor are they able to focus on their core work.

The longer the position remains vacant; the more the pressure to hire someone keeps on building up. One wrong decision may cost the organization badly both in terms of monetary and resources. Proactively creating a candidate pool or talent pipeline throughout the year will help startups avoid such a situation. An ATS automatically builds a talent pool by parsing the resumes into a profile and storing them in a database. So, for any future opening, the employees just have to look through the database for a perfect match.

Hiring through a small business Applicant Tracking System helps to decrease time-to-hire as well as improves quality-of-hire.   

2. Seamless Onboarding Process

The on-boarding process in every company casts an ever-lasting impression on new hires. If the onboarding process is unimpressive, then there is every chance that new hires would leave the company within the first month.

When a company is on a tight budget and limited manpower, using an ATS would be an ideal choice to impress new hires. ATS offers a formal and seamless onboarding program that keeps the employees engaged and increase their productivity as well. All the initial formalities can be taken up by the ATS and can be filled by the candidates remotely. An ATS also ensures that the newly hired ones have access to all the HR policies and manuals. This makes new hires better informed about the company even before joining.

3. Small Business Applicant Tracking System Automates Candidate Tracking

This is something for which every small business ATS is designed. A small business applicant tracking system automates all mundane tasks related to hiring, thereby boosting all the recruitment metrics. Right from receiving the resumes to parsing those into profiles, from sending acknowledgments to notifying the selected candidates about interview status and from interview scheduling to onboarding, etc., everything is done with just a mouse click. 

An ATS also enables collaboration with various teams on one single platform. Now, all members of the recruiting team such as the hiring manager, interviewer, project manager or members from the technical team can track the candidate’s performance. They can even share their feedback or opinion regarding the same.

4. Focus apart from Recruiting

There are many other tasks apart from recruiting that are to be undertaken by the members of a small company. All the business expansion plans, scaling-up strategy, pitching new clients, network expansion and building quality relationships with passive candidates, etc. are responsibilities of the HR team. By automating all the mundane tasks of recruiting, an ATS saves a lot of time which can be utilized in materializing other activities.

Also, recruiters can share quality time with candidates while interviewing them by knowing more about their interests, passion and expectations from the company.

5. Social Recruiting

It becomes very difficult to manage social media accounts, career pages and job portals individually. Every platform needs undivided attention. A modern-day web-based small business applicant tracking system comes with real-time integration with all the three platforms. It makes the management of all recruiting activities easier by bringing them on one single platform. The users of ATS can receive resumes, post on social media and job boards, trigger emails, etc with just a click. It does not only streamline the recruitment process but eventually takes the stress away from the recruiters. This smart candidate management system makes task tracking easier by consolidating everything into a single location. This again saves valuable time as now the recruiters needn’t juggle with candidate data and make a switch between different tabs or tools. 

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6. Customizing Job Descriptions

With the help of ATS, recruiters can design attractive and enticing job descriptions by customizing the job description templates. The templates available are as per the latest industry standards so the recruiters don’t have to Google around looking for best industry compliant job descriptions.  Further, a lot of time is saved when job descriptions are posted on all the job boards with just one click from the ATS.

7. Freedom to Manage From Anywhere

With the help of a web-based small business applicant tracking system, recruiters don’t have to rush to their workplaces to complete their tasks. The web-based ATS is available 24/7 and they just need internet and a device to operate. Recruiters can sit at a place of their choice, open the internet and can perform whatever activity they would like to. Recruiters can save a lot of time by promptly replying to every recruiting need. Apart from that with the help of ATS analytics, recruiters can keep a check on the performance of all the recruiting efforts they are putting on various channels. If one job board is offering great quality candidates, the recruiters can reduce their number of job board subscriptions if they aren’t performing well.

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