How is an ATS changing the Game for Recruiting?

Recruiting is one of the most challenging issues facing businesses today. Not only is finding the right talent critical for a business to be successful, but to hire the wrong person can add an expensive punch to your bottom line. With the ever-increasing data available about candidates and employees, this FREE Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is not only changing the recruitment game but is drastically helping improve recruitment efficiency and effectiveness.

Free ATS

FREE ATS improves Recruiting efficiency

Recruiting can often become an operational burden as it requires a lot of input from key stakeholders. ATS reduce that burden by automating low level tasks and providing better information to decision-makers. Recruiteze saves recruiters sourcing time by automatically parsing, formatting, and then adding candidates to your database immediately. Recruiters and other key stakeholders can then access candidate resumes online and make changes quickly. Just this alone delivers immediate value to an organization and improves recruiting efficiency.

FREE ATS improves Recruiting effectiveness

While important to be more efficient, we all know that you’re going to get the most bang for your buck if your Applicant Tracking System can improve recruiting effectiveness within your organization. For this to happen, recruiters need more reliable data and intelligence that helps them find the right people for the job so that they can focus on identifying the right indicators when screening.

Without the support of an ATS, whenever a company needs to fill a new position, they must create a description, post a job, source candidates, screen candidates, conduct interviews and make an offer. They must recycle that entire process each and every time from scratch, which is time-consuming and not the best use of anyone’s time.

Recruiteze is a cloud-based service that keeps you from having to manage and maintain a local applicant tracking system. Our paid version and free online applicant tracking and recruitment system gives you the ability to manage candidates and clients all in one place without having to start from scratch each time.

Recruiteze’s ATS can make recruiting smarter

An applicant tracking system can make your recruiting smarter, but it requires businesses to truly leverage the data that you’re collecting. Simply utilizing our free ATS is not enough to improve your business. Also, pay attention to other areas of your recruitments strategy. Consider the way you’re analyzing the data, the people who are interviewing candidates, the questions those interviewers are asking (and subsequently, their opinions). This free ATS can do it’s best work to source, parse and filter candidates, but it’s up to you as the recruiter to pick the right person for the job.

As such, if you want your business’s recruiting efforts to run a little more efficiently, effectively and smarter, check out Recruiteze.

Recruiteze is perfect for in-house recruiters and staffing agencies alike. Recruiteze gives your job candidates the ability to apply online and be added to your database immediately in a user friendly way. End-users can access resumes online and make changes quickly and easily.

Recruiteze also comes with a custom job board to make tracking talent organized and effortless. Candidates and customers have trouble-free access to your job information which creates a level of professionalism that’s expected in today’s marketplace. Recruiteze also allows users to reduce the time it takes to format resumes for free. This automated applicant tracking system add on formats resumes without any hassle or time consuming processes. Click here to try Recruiteze for free!

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