How the Candidate Management System is Shaping the Future of Hiring?

The dynamics of recruiting have changed as compared to the past few years. The job seekers now enjoy far more power than recruiters. As per MRI network, now the recruiters don’t pick the talent, it’s the talent that picks the employers. Cherry-picking the candidates for desired skills and experience is like finding a needle in the haystack. Recruiting has become far more challenging, time-consuming and expensive, which makes having a candidate management system in the future even more important.

Have a look at some important trends that are reshaping the future of hiring and how the candidate management system makes the entire recruiting paradigm more efficient and optimized.

candidate management system

1.     Recruitment Marketing

First, let’s understand what is recruitment marketing?

Recruiting marketing is recruiting using various marketing tactics and strategies. This trend is focused on attracting and engaging the right talent for the company.

There are many more things to be accomplished before the actual recruitment process begins such as creating awareness and interest amongst the candidates. A candidate management system, better known as Applicant Tracking System helps the recruiters to build a solid awareness regarding the company and the job posts. By integrating the small company ATS with the social channels and online job portals, the reach can be widened. The company can actually hire candidates from diverse cultures and profiles and this forms the trend #2.

2.     Diverse Recruiting

Cultural diversity was always on the checklist of the recruiters but was taken a bit lightly. With the changing recruiting landscape, aiming for diversity has become a major milestone. The company’s financial performance and culture are directly associated with diversity.

Why is “Diversity”- a new global mindset for companies?

Due to globalization, companies aim for diversity to improve their work culture, performance and for better customer representations. With a candidate management system (ATS), the recruiters can actually hire without any “bias”- which is indeed the biggest taboo for diversity. The recruiters just need to trigger the search query as per the skills and experience on the ATS interface. The results are based on a system that is free from any sort of conscious or unconscious bias.

3.     Employer Branding

Employer branding shows the popularity and reputation of an organization in the recruiting market. The recruiters need to follow impeccable employer branding strategies to build an authoritative, attractive and strong employer brand.

Intuitively, every job seeker would like to work with a noticeable brand. A company with lousy employer brand struggles not only to entice the candidates but to retain them as well. A candidate management system (ATS) significantly boosts the candidate experience, which automatically amps up the employer brand.

Now let’s understand why delivering a great candidate experience is the new hiring trend in 2020.

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4.     Candidate Management Systems Offer Exceptional Candidate Experience

What do you mean by candidate experience?

Candidate experience is the overall perception of the company by the candidates based on their experiences with the company’s hiring activities. The activities can be sourcing, screening, interviewing, onboarding etc. The reactions of the candidates expressed in attitude, behavior or feelings together form the candidate experience.

An Excellent Candidate Experience Starts with Effective Communication as part of a Candidate Management System.

A candidate will reapply to a company, only if he had a positive candidate experience in the past. He will not only accept the job offer but will also recommend others to that company. A single negative experience will spread like a fire in the jungle. The company is at high risk of losing top talent and this adversely affects the employer brand and the company’s financial position.

How to offer a great candidate experience?

ATS (candidate management system) is undoubtedly the best way to offer an amazing and wonderful candidate experience. ATS takes care of sending automatic acknowledgments to all the candidates who apply. The email and text notifications are triggered by the small company ATS automatically to all the candidates who qualify for subsequent interview rounds or are eligible for the next rounds.

The interviews are scheduled seamlessly by the small business applicant tracking system by marking the common slots for both interviewer and the candidate. Even the entire orientation and induction part during onboarding is taken care of by the ATS.

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5.     Maintaining Candidate Pools / Database

Candidate databases or talent pools are the e-spaces where the recruiters save the profiles of all the top candidates. All the candidates who have applied to the company by any means (career page, online job portal or social media) are stored in a common database held by ATS.
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The traditional spreadsheets were time-consuming as they required a lot of manual entries and were extremely unsafe and prone to errors. The modern-day candidate management system comes with inbuilt talent pools. So, this helped the recruiters to search the pool before floating the job description in the market. This certainly saves a lot of time, money and effort indeed.

Also, these talent pools help to build a strong relationship with the potential candidates as they can be informed periodically regarding the company’s achievements and upcoming openings.

6.     Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is recruiting done via social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Rather than posting any job opening, the recruiters can hunt for potential candidates on these social channels. The call is to build a strong and healthy relationship with the candidates and convince them to start a career with the company.

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7.     Resume Formatting Tool

For storing the resumes in the candidate database as profiles, you need text parsers and formatters. The new age applicant tracking systems come with inbuilt resume formatting tools. This software alleviates the pain off the recruiters by formatting the resumes in just a blink of an eye. The user can set the resume per the industry standards or a template of their choice. Everything from font selection, name and contact information removal, highlighting achievements, making it printer-friendly, etc can be done by a resume formatting tool.

This staffing agency software has prodigiously helped the staffing firms, consultancies and other placement agencies to gain an edge over their competitors.

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8.     Data-Driven Recruiting

Recruitment and decisions based on HR Analytics and data help the companies to hire more efficient and best of talent from the market. ATS is a great source of data analytics. The companies can now understand which strategies are working and which aren’t. Data-driven recruiting helps to gauge the hiring metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire etc thereby, improving the quality of hire.

How does data analytics help to improve the overall bottom line of the company?

Data metrics from ATS when inculcated in decision-making processes in recruitment helps the organization to:

  • evaluate skill gaps
  • improve employee retention
  • understand candidate needs
  • predict candidate success
  • build better offers
  • forecast hiring demands
  • assess talent demand and supply
  • compare talent metrics with competitors

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9.     Collaborative Hiring

Due to increased unconscious bias prevailing in the recruitment industry, there was an urgent need for collaborative hiring. ATS offers one single platform where all the recruiters can share their opinions on the ongoing recruitment activities. The hiring manager can view the status of all the undergoing activities. Collaborative hiring helps the HR teams to join hands with other departmental teams and jointly perform the recruitment.

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