How to Find Candidates through Social Media Platforms?

Social media has become a major part of everyone’s life including recruiters and employers. As per the survey conducted by Career Builder, 70% of the employers are using social media channels to search for their potential hires. Around 50% of the employers vet their current candidate on social media regularly. And around 34% of the employers have fired their employees based on any contentious post online.

Social media is a trusted resource online for candidate information apart from resume. A resume can be tailored ostentatiously to impress the recruiter but candidates cannot hide their true personality on social platforms.

These social channels are not only used to vet the candidates but also facilitate in promulgating job openings as well as the company’s culture.  Social media helps the recruiters to cherry-pick the top talent for companies or small businesses.

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This post will discuss the benefits of social media recruiting, as well as the best ways to recruit and hire using social media platforms.

Why Social Media Recruiting Should be Employed

1.      Builds Employer Brand

Social media is a great platform to showcase the company culture and workplace to potential hires. The photos and videos shared on social media channels help build a positive employer brand amongst the potential hires. This also helps potential hires to know more about the company culture before accepting the position.

2.      Social Media Recruiting creates a Wider Reach

There are many candidates who are not actively seeking any job opportunity but would become interested if impressed by any job role. The recruiters may post some tempting job descriptions to lure such passive candidates. Even if the candidates have no interest in the job role, the recruiters can embark on a great relationship. This plays an important role when the candidate starts actively seeking a new job.

3.      Verify Background of Candidates using Social Media

LinkedIn profiles say everything about the candidate which the resume is unable to cover. All the recommendations, peers, past jobs, current employers, etc can be viewed easily.  The recruiters can have a look at the behavior and personality by going through the candidate’s profile and other conversations.

4.      Lower Recruitment Costs

Social media recruiting is the best-suited option for small businesses or organizations which are on a tight budget.  A single share can reach thousands of candidates. In fact, the results can be even larger than posting on job boards as the social media posts can be shared with others.

But still, counting only on social media may lead to some chances of biased selection or rejection which can make the candidate file a lawsuit. To avoid all this, the best way is to use an applicant tracking system. An applicant tracking system easily integrates with social media and filters the candidates based on skills and experience. So, the companies have a concrete excuse for rejecting any candidate.   

5.      Direct Connection

Most of the SMEs prefer to use social media rather than other types such as online job boards, employee referrals, mobile recruitment, etc because it allows connecting directly with the candidate. The social media allows the recruiters to engage with the candidates through ideas, networks, and common connections. This is not possible with other recruitment methods.

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Now, have a look at how a strategy can be used to attract and find candidates on social media.

How to Recruit on Social Media Platforms?

1.      Strengthen the Online Presence

The job seekers are no longer focussed on compensation offered. They are more concerned about other job benefits and potential growth opportunities for their future. If the company is offering a handsome salary but there are zero growth opportunities, candidates prefer to back off.

So, it is very important to portray a great image in the online world about how much the company cares for the employees. Candidates are interested in what all upcoming projects the company is pitching and the growth opportunities associated with them.

2.      Inspire FOMO in Candidates with your Social Presence

After building a strong online presence, it’s time to inspire the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) amongst the candidates. The perception of company culture and work experience should be so impressive, that the candidates should feel the major FOMO.

3.      Videos Marketing

The best way to attract passive candidates is through videos. The recruiters should create engaging videos that will help them to build a much stronger perception of the company amongst passive candidates. The human brain can interpret videos at a much faster rate than text. Engaging the cybernauts with frequent webinars or live streaming has a very positive impact on the company’s brand value.

4.      Job Touting on Social Media

An applicant tracking system helps the company’s to post all their job postings on social media with just one click.  The recruiters can also take the help of paid ads such as that on Facebook which will help to increase the job reach. This promotion will let the companies reach more qualified candidates with just a little investment.

5.      Employee Involvement

The recruiters can use their existing employee network to lean on social media channels and extend the reach. By sharing the company’s posts, the recruiters have a dual advantage. First, the reach is broadened and secondly, it imbibes a sense of trust when the post is shared by friends. A personal recommendation can do wonders.

Integrating an applicant tracking system with the existing HR suite not only saves the time of the recruiters but boosts a great candidate experience as well.

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