How to Know Which Resume Formatting Service Is Right for You

A resume formatting service is a wonderful tool to have, but they are not all equal. Some are better than others, providing a more comprehensive list of features, stronger security, and more convenient pricing. Some are just not right for your needs, it’s too much software and too much cost or it is better suited to a business trying to address different goals. This is starting to sound like Goldilocks here, but it really can be too little software, too much software, or simply just the wrong fit. You need to know what goals you are trying to address and find a resume formatting service that meets those needs and provides the flexibility of payment and upgrade options to meet your business’ growing needs.

Resume Formatting Service

How to Know Which Resume Formatting Service Is Right for You

The primary consideration when it comes to purchasing a resume formatting service is how many customization options you need and how many the software offers.

Resume formatting services come with a wide variety of features, offering you varying amounts of control over the formatting. Learn all you can about them and give the software a free trial run or demo to prove you can customize the formats to your needs.

Just to Make Them the Same

If you have a very small business and don’t deal with recruiters or other hiring managers, your needs are probably pretty small. You might want a resume formatting service simply to make all the resumes the same format so they’re easier to read, the details may not be very important to you.

A simple, inexpensive resume formatting service would be a viable option. You will probably actually enjoy that it is uncomplicated. In this situation, you’ll want to think about ease of use and the “feel” of the software.

Blind Hiring

If you want to use a resume formatting service to help with blind hiring, you should pay particular attention to the unconscious bias triggers the software will eliminate and how much control you have over them. For instance, you may want to eliminate only some of the triggers. Will it let you change this?

There are many controls for blind hiring, name removal, address removal, photo removal, and education removal. You’ll want to know which ones are important to you, which ones the software you are considering offers, and whether you want to isolate the different features if you wish. It doesn’t do much good to have a feature if you never use it because it’s part of an automatic process that includes things you don’t want.

Contact Information

It may be important to you to be able to remove the candidate’s contact information, particularly if you deal with hiring managers who like to contact candidates you were supposed to be speaking to. You’ll want to know if the resume formatting service you’re considering has this capability and what kind of options it provides you.


You may want branding tools. If so, it’s important to find a resume formatting service that not only has branding features, but has the ones you most want. And how do the branding features function? You need to know how much control you’ll have.

Watermarks, custom headers, custom footers and more can be expertly used to your advantage to strengthen your brand and protect your time and financial investments.

Unlimited Options

Some resume formatting services, like iReformat, offer unlimited capability on many features like the number of resumes that can be formatted at once, the number of templates you can have, and so on.

If you work with a small number of resumes, this may not be important to you, particularly if it comes with a more expensive package.

For moderate or extensive resume handling, you’ll need unlimited. If you end up having to do extra work to compensate for the fact that the software will only handle a set number of resumes, it detracts from the benefit of the software. Imagine needing to perform one task and having to wait because you’re still telling the software to handle another batch.

Maybe you don’t need unlimited right now, but you never know when you’ll suddenly find yourself in that position.


You may want your resume formatting service to integrate with other software or be compatible with certain devices. It’s important to consider things like this when choosing your software.

Consider where you plan to read and handle most of your resumes. What about the people you’ll be sharing resumes with?

iReformat can be integrated with Microsoft Office and used on your iPhone. If you want handle resumes on your iPhone, or if you already use Microsoft Office for many of your hiring needs, it can be quite convenient to tie these devices and software together to save time and headaches switching between programs or having to wait until you get back to the office.

Research any resume formatting service you consider purchasing to ensure it meets your needs and wants, in regard to software compatibility.

Resume Document Format

When the resume formatting service finishes formatting the resume, it will have to save it as a file. What format will the file be? You want it to be a file format that is useful for you and anyone you’ll be sending the resume to.

iReformat can save resumes as .docx, .pdf, .txt, and more file formats. These are compatible with most users’ needs.


Businesses change and so will your needs for a resume formatting service. The software or plan that is perfect for you this year may not be enough next year, or it may cost too much for you to keep using during a lean time. Look for a vendor who allows you to upgrade, downgrade, and cancel anytime without penalty.

The technology should also be improving. The best vendors fix bugs, solve problems, and keep up with current trends and their customers’ suggestions. Discover how the vendor of the resume formatting service you are considering handles improvements and updates so you always have the best software they can offer. Do they frequently update? Is it easy to install their new updates? Do they listen to their customers’ input?


The best resume formatting service vendor will provide you with many options so you can choose the package that best fits your needs. Saving money but not getting the true benefits of the program and paying much more than you need to so you can get what you need as well as much more than you need are both very inefficient. Recruiting software should help you be more efficient.

iReformat offers five monthly plans so you get what you need and save yourself money by not having to buy significantly more software than you need. The number of resumes handled per month and the number of users are the criteria that most distinguish the different features.

We also make it much easier to meet your needs without going to a higher plan by offering add-ons. Let’s say the Business Basic plan that handles 250 resumes per month is perfect for your business’ needs, except you really need to process 275. You don’t want to upgrade to the 500 resume per month plan. That’s twice as much as you need just to handle 25 extra resumes. So we offer you the ability to pay per each additional resume, only .46 cents. You can do the same thing with users. This costs $3.95 per additional user.

Free Trial

It is difficult, if not impossible, to foresee if a resume formatting service will work for you without giving it a trial run. You can read the details, but you can’t imagine all the potential pitfalls and you can’t get a sense for how it “feels” to use the software. You’ve got to get in there, start trying to use it, and see how it works and what you find yourself wanting or needing to do with the features, before you can be sure if it’s a match.

Look for a resume formatting service that allows you a free trial and perhaps a demo. The free trials where you can use the software with all of its features for a limited period of time are the most helpful. Demos allow you to try the software with the guidance of an expert so you can ask questions and receive a sort of training before purchasing the software and taking a stab at it on your own.


A resume formatting service may be great on paper and loved by many, but that doesn’t mean it is enjoyable for you personally to use or that it has the unique combination of features that your business needs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all wonderful resume formatting service. That’s why there are so many of them. You have to find the one that meets your needs and preferences. Consider your business goals, research the features of any software you consider, and use free trials before purchasing to ensure you get the software you want the first time.

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