Online Applicant Tracking System: How it Enhances Candidate Experience

online applicant tracking system

Along with diversity in recruiting, candidate experience is a vital topic discussed frequently. Candidate experience ranks very high in the recruitment steps ladder to hire great employees. This article discusses what candidate experience is and how an online applicant tracking system can significantly enhance it.

What is the Candidate Experience?

Candidate experience at a high level is how to keep the applicant or candidate in the loop throughout the recruitment process. The two main topics for candidate experience are communication and information.

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Information for Candidate Experience

Providing relevant information on our career page, LinkedIn company page, and different social media channels are an essential part of the candidate experience. The most important page for a candidate is the company career page. The career page should have brief details about company history, explain the company benefits clearly, show some employee pictures with some testimonials or videos with employees describing why you are a great company to work for. It will form a very positive impression of the company for the applicant.

Job Description

A job description should be crisp and clear. It can also be fun and exciting. 

The job description should communicate the following details:

  • A brief company history.
  • A link to the company career page.
  • Describe the essential parts of the job.
  • Specify the job duties.
  • Education requirements.
  • Skills requirement.
  • Detail any relevant experience required.

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online applicant tracking system

Effective Communication for Enhancing Candidate Experience

Communication is a crucial aspect of providing a great candidate experience. Candidates love the recruiter and company, where they are in the loop throughout the recruitment process.

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How Does an Online Applicant Tracking System Help Candidate Experience?

Here are some of the main features that can help greatly enhance the candidate experience:

Job Portal Management 

A modern online application tracking system usually comes with a highly customizable job portal management system. It allows you to create a custom job portal with your brand colors and logo. You will also be able to embed the job widget on your career page. Online ATS allows you to easily manage your career portal to always show active jobs only on the career portal. Your career portal will be disconnected from your recruitment process without an online ATS. It will result in expired jobs showing on your career portal. It leads to a bad candidate experience if candidates apply for dead jobs, and they do not hear a response. An online ats also saves you money by not requiring to pay someone to manage your career portal.

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Customizable Screener Questions

Screener questions are an excellent way to get the relevant information from the applicant for a job. Screener questions help quickly reject the candidate if they do not have the relevant skills, education, or experience. An online applicant tracking system allows you to create screener questions per job or role. Online ATS dramatically enhances your ability to hire better employees while also allowing you to quickly filter non-qualified candidates.

Application Acknowledgement

Most applicants still do not receive an acknowledgment when they apply for a position; this leads to awful candidate experience. An online applicant tracking system can automatically send out a personalized application acknowledgment when a candidate applies either through the career portal or other job portals. The application acknowledgment should clearly state that the application has been received and the next steps.

Candidate Workflow

A modern online application tracking system will allow you to set up a customized candidate workflow for your organization. Generally, each company workflow is different; you should follow your steps to recruitment. Notifying the candidate at each step of the candidate workflow offers the best candidate experience.

Email Templates

Email templates are an essential feature of an online applicant tracking system. Using customizable email templates, you can streamline all your candidate communications at each step of the recruitment process. The ideal way of using email templates is to build most of the email using a template and add a personal touch with a relevant sentence to the candidate. That shows you care about the candidate.

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Online Applicant Tracking System

Recruiteze is an online applicant tracking system for businesses and staffing agencies. Recruiteze is built with candidate experience in mind every step of the way. With Recruiteze, you can effortlessly create a branded career portal, manage your career page, and create customizable screener questions. With Recruiteze, you can also manage your applicants through customizable workflows and accomplish effective communication throughout the recruitment process using customizable email templates. Recruiteze is an affordable small business ATS that can significantly enhance your recruitment candidate experience. Try Recruiteze free today!

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