Popular HR Trends to Watch in 2020

HR trends are changing for 2020 and we have the inside scoop. Here are the ways that you can incorporate these trends into your business. Let’s take a deep dive. Give your HR tech a bump with Recruiteze in 2020! Our small company applicant tracking system gives you a leg up for hiring the right candidates. Give it a try for free today.

HR Trend

HR Trend #1: HR Tech is Mainstream in 2020

If you haven’t incorporated digitally empowered HR services into your workflow, 2020 is a great time to catch up with the latest technology trends, save time and money! HR technology services you might want to check out include an applicant tracking system; software that assists with onboarding new employees; software that automates all employee documentation including payroll and benefits; software that manages performance evaluations and promotions; software that tracks all internal and external training and development offerings; and more.

These technologies don’t eliminate the need for an effective Human Resource team but do make what has traditionally been a cumbersome experience for HR and employees, much more satisfying.

Best 2020 Free Small Company Applicant Tracking System

Speaking of HR technologies: our small company applicant tracking system software is a great way to make sure you’re able to acknowledge applicants, offer them next steps in the overall hiring process, and list job ads on important job boards and streamline your entire operation with just one software.

Recruiteze helps companies build a candidate database, keep notes, and communicate with active and inactive applicants. It will be housed in one place that is easily accessible and useful. In addition, you’ll be able to send out personalized emails to each candidate to help save time and effort. Communication with applicants won’t fall to the wayside and you’ll be gaining a great way to keep the applicant engaged and informed.

HR Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than a Futuristic Movie in 2020

Remember when the year 2020 was depicted as some sort of sci-fi adventure, complete with spaceship vehicles and robot maids? Well, the future is NOW. In fact, Artificial Intelligence and robotic processes have become incredibly valuable to HR departments.

According to the Economic Times, “Data science-led predictive analytics can offer a host of benefits for HR managers including predicting when employees are preparing to leave their jobs, thereby allowing the employer to quickly intervene if desired.”

AI tools allow HR to automate certain functions of their job (repetitive tasks such as data input), which frees them up to manage tasks that require human connection. This level of automation is greatly increasing business efficiencies, reducing human error and increasing employee job satisfaction.

Our Global Workforce is Rapidly Changing

We’ve been watching Baby Boomers retire from the workforce for many years, and have warned that our business practices would need to change with the demands of the rapidly changing workforce. Well, that cultural transformation continues in 2020. In fact, Gen X and Millenials make up nearly three-quarters of the global workforce, according to Open Access Government.

This younger workforce grew up with technology at their fingertips. As such, they expect digital products and services that add value to their work. Subsequently, most businesses will continue to seek ways to incorporate technology into their everyday operations and processes in 2020.

Additionally, these generations are much more diverse and invested in inclusion within the workforce. Fortunately, employers appear to be embracing and welcoming employees across many cultures, languages, lifestyle representations, and worldwide geographies in 2020, as well as entertaining a variety of alternate work environments (including part-time, flex-time, remote/telecommuting work, shared jobs, etc). HR technology has enabled the current workforce to work anytime, anywhere.

New Technologies Will Require Many Employees to Upskill or Reskill

As new operating systems and technologies become available, many organizations will find that their employees need to be either upskilled or reskilled in 2020. This HR Trend means that training and development budgets will increase as employers provide employees with internal or external educational options.

Companies are also likely to invest in learning management systems to manage the process. Training and development not only help firms ensure that their workers are capable of handling new systems and technology demands, but it often increases employee engagement, retention and job satisfaction. It allows businesses to make promotions and implement human resources to further develop their brand.

Recruitment and Retention Improves in 2020

The most exciting HR trend for recruiting professionals is that all of these technological advances (including the mainstream usage of social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) have enabled recruiters to quickly and easily identify, source, connect with, attract and acquire top talent.

As a result, we’ll continue to see companies investing time and money into social media to develop their brand, which will further attract a pool of candidates for future growth opportunities in 2020.

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