Listing the Most Popular Recruitment Chatbots, Part Two

We are back with another list of the most popular recruitment chatbots currently used in the industry. If you missed the beginning of this list, check back here for more. Pair your new chatbot with the best free small company applicant tracking system, Recruiteze. Get started for free today.

Small Company Applicant Tracking System

Xor – This solution is great for any type of recruiting needs. To date, they have one million conversations with candidates on the books. This is an impressive chatbot option you may want to consider! Their clients include McDonald’s, IKEA, and Heineken just to name a few. In addition, they’re able to decrease the time it takes to fill positions by more than 30% and have the ability to help with HR coordination, screenings, and more.

Hire Humanly – This company is based in Tampa, Florida and says that their solution will help “your hiring teams get a unique and unbiased lens into your candidates’ professional and cultural profile, cultivating enhanced human interaction through more enriched interviews.”

VCV – This chatbot will effectively reduce the time spent on the hiring process. It will increase the amount of qualified candidates for interviewing as well as screen CVs, record video responses for interview questions, gather and use analytics to help you choose the best talent for the position, and use voice recognition in phone screenings.

Debra – If you’re looking for help with candidate screening and applications, want to offer personality testing, and are seeking out specific personality traits for available positions, this is the chatbot for you!

Here, you’ll find a few more chatbot options that work well for specific needs:

  • RoboRecruiter
  • RecruitmentBot
  • My Ally
  • Job Pal
  • Ari
  • Applyr

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