How Recruiters Can Avoid Burning Bridges

Online Recruitment SystemsAs recruiters, sometimes we get really busy. After all, it’s possible that once you put out a job description for an open position it opens the floodgates. You end up with hundreds of applicants. It’s incredibly difficult to sort through them all to find top talent. Unfortunately, with this mindset and lack of proper software, filtering through the applicants might seem impossible. You could even burn several bridges along the way. It’s important to understand that even though certain applicants aren’t right for this particular job, they might be perfect for another open position in the future. But, if you ignore them this time, refuse their plea for an interview, or ask them pointless questions that do not help you garner new information during a screening, you’re sure to run them off for good.

What if you choose to get on good terms with these applicants instead? Below, you’ll find some information that points out several ways recruiters tend to close the door on future candidates without even realizing it. These tips will hopefully help you stop ruining future relationships between job seekers and your company, no matter how busy you are and how many applications you receive.

Ignoring them. One of the quickest ways to show a job seeker that your company isn’t the best fit for them is to not return phone calls. It’s customary for someone to apply for a job and then make a follow-up call or email within a few days if they’ve heard nothing from the recruiter. Even if this candidate is not eligible due to lack of skills or experience, take a second to let them know. This will show them that you took the time to notice them.

Failing to provide feedback. Sometimes, you do not hire candidates because of an unsuccessful interview. Whether they were too shy or uninteresting, make a point to let them know what it was that you considered unsuccessful during the interview. This feedback will help them in the future. It will make them a stronger applicant.

Offering an outdated user experience. In this day and age, having a mobile website is essential for your company. If applicants are unable to easily access your website and/or apply online from a handheld device, you are providing them with a bad user experience. No matter how qualified they are for this job or one in the future, this problem will stick with them and they’ll remember it. Next time, they will skip over your company’s job opening.

Burning bridges with candidates that didn’t get the job is detrimental to future recruiting. What if you need to rehire for this position in a pinch? It’d be nice to be able to call on these applicants, right? Remember, never tell an applicant they didn’t get the job over email. Always reject them via phone or in person. Most recruiters will choose to do this over the phone. That’s completely OK. You’ve probably already been following up with them via phone communication to this point anyway.

It’s important to remember that all applicants should be given at least a moment or two of your time. Those 60 seconds or more might be all it takes to keep them on your good side rather than burning a bridge that could have led to a great fit down the road. We hope these tips help you improve your relationships with future candidates so that you can ensure a great experience for everyone, especially top talent.

Sometimes, choosing to work with a proper software system that helps you track applicants and recruiter online will be a great addition to your overall hiring process. It helps keep candidates from falling through the cracks! Our systems offer the following for recruiters and agencies that need extra help:

  • Ability to contact candidates from the software
  • Automated resume formatting
  • Bulk resume upload
  • Company career page
  • Custom job code
  • Online applications
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Responsive design that offers candidates the ability to apply for jobs on any mobile device or PC
  • Resume uploads and parsing via email
  • Talent database
  • Time zone configuration
  • Unlimited both emails
  • Limitless job requisitions

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