Keep Tabs on All Your Relationships in One Convenient Portal

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features of Recruiteze allow for unparalleled organization and convenience in tracking your valued contacts. You and your team can keep each other updated on the latest changes in your ever-evolving relationships, so you’ll never again have to enter a meeting, interview, conference, or conversation unprepared.

Search or Filter Your Contacts Quickly

Add unlimited contacts to your database and keep them organized effortlessly. Use the filter function to sort your contacts by a variety of parameters, or perform a more specific keyword search to find a contact instantly. Then click on a contact’s name to go directly to their contact profile page.

View Your Relationship History

See the details of your relationships with clients, prospects, candidates, hiring managers, and vendors, laid out in one convenient portal. Refresh your memory quickly by reviewing the Client Details section at the top of the page, then revisit things like posted jobs and past emails. Now you can get a thorough overview of anyone in your network in minutes, all without ever leaving our portal.

Keep Your Team Up to Date

Communicate amongst your team by creating custom tasks on a contact’s page (which you or a colleague can mark as “complete” whenever it’s finished), then view your task history in the Activity section. Keep each other informed about special items by writing detailed notes. You can even attach files or photos to your notes for added convenience!

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Save time by keeping your entire network organized and easily accessible. Sign up for a free trial of Recruiteze, and witness just how easy it can be to know all of your contacts inside and out! It’s a great way to show your clients and candidates how much you care about them.

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