Streamline Your Recruiting by Going Paperless Part Two

free recruiting softwareWelcome back! Are you ready to talk more about going paperless for all your recruiting efforts? We know it sounds scary, but after discussing a few benefits in our previous blog post, you’ve probably realized it’s not quite as worrisome as you first thought, right? It’s actually going to save you time and money. Best of all? Paperless means streamlining your process and getting organized! You won’t be searching for certain documents for hours. You can pull them up in a matter of seconds on the computer, instead! No more stacks of file folders hiding your desk!

Below, you’ll find several ways to start implementing a paperless method within your hiring process. It might be difficult in the beginning, but the end result will leave you feeling less overwhelmed, more organized and ready to work without time consuming issues popping up! Did you know that our free recruiting software can help you go paperless? Keep reading, or click here, to see how Recruiteze can help you recruit easier.

Going Paperless Helps Streamline Recruiting

We talked about how much paper is used in the workplace every day, last blog post, but did you know that most employees use at least 30 sheets each day? That means companies budget at least ten percent of costs for printing documents. That doesn’t include shipping costs and other papers that are used within the workplace. Changing your business’s outlook on using paper will not only save money, but also leave you one step closer to being a “green” office. Eco-friendly offices are important in today’s world. We all hope to do our part in saving our planet and going paperless will help!

Remember, as we mentioned last post, HR departments go through a ton of paper! They’re required to have various documents filed and use paper for every day needs on candidates and current employees, including the following:

  • resumes
  • cover letters
  • time cards
  • applications
  • hiring documents
  • client and employee contracts
  • government-mandated reports
  • forms

free recruiting softwareDid you know it takes close to three days to process a handwritten signature in the HR department of a company? That’s right. There are several different documents that must be signed by different professionals each day. Especially for hiring contracts, employment reviews, time clock sheets, checks and more, the amount of time tied up waiting on signatures is crazy. Why not streamline this whole process by starting to use digital signatures? While you might be leery at first, don’t be. This is a great way to not only save money, it also saves a lot of time for everyone involved. And don’t worry about the security measures. All digital signatures are compliant and secure, without issues.

When you choose to go completely paperless, even if it’s just in the recruiting department, you’ll be eliminating the need for printers and a fax machine. These are expensive and continually need tech support. Whether the paper is jammed, your computer isn’t working with the printer or your fax machine is hanging up, the troubles that can come from them are very frustrating. Why not just get rid of them and use digital documents that can be emailed? This convenient way to share documents won’t give you a problem – as long as you remember to add the attachment before sending the email!

Many recruiting managers spend countless hours filtering through resumes manually. Then, they might scan the resumes in and have to spend even more time formatting the resume. Why bother with this process when you can go digital? When you take advantage of a software system that offers various tools to help you streamline, your day becomes much more manageable. No stress. No overwhelming amounts of “things to do.” You can focus on more important things like actually interviewing the candidates, making sure they’re right for the job and more.

Our free recruiting software allows you to access hundreds of candidates, digitally, without having to print or look at a single piece of paper. You can also build your database to help you with your future needs as well. Even more, you can post jobs online, write and access important reports and analytical data without having to print them. All for free with Recruiteze!

Are you ready to implement a paperless operation within your recruiting department? If so, go for it! You’ll love the benefits that come with this decision. Save time and money, while streamlining your entire process! Need more information? Don’t forget to visit back with our previous blog post to learn more!

Industry Leading Free Recruiting Software Is Here | Recruiteze

free recruiting softwareWhen you need to find the right recruiting software for your business, make the right choice and use Recruiteze! We offer free recruiting software packages for both Recruiteze and iReformat.

Recruiteze is our free resume management system that allows candidates to apply to be added to your database immediately. End-users can access candidate resumes online and make changes quickly. Hiring based on client’s recruiting needs has never been easier with your custom job board. It allows candidates and customers easy access to information and creates a level of professionalism expected in today’s marketplace.

If you’re using free recruiting software already, check out iReformat. iReformat lets you format up to 10 resumes per month for free! In addition, we are proud to offer you a free 15 day trial of any of our other memberships. Other packages start at $10 per month and offer unlimited support, users, and more!

We’ve taken the redundant administrative work out of recruiting, so don’t hesitate to use Recruiteze and iReformat to help reduce the time consuming process of hiring new employees and filtering through resumes and applications. If you have any questions or are interested in our enterprise package for our online recruiting system contact us today. It offers unlimited access to all our services!

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