The New Recruiting Requisite – Social Recruitment

Hiring is an ongoing process in any firm, irrespective of the size of the firm. Employees either switch jobs for inexplicable reasons or the company has to fire an incompetent employee to look for a better one. The process is nearly continuous.

Social Recruitment

Is Recruitment Easy?

The answer to this question can be written in bold letters- “NO”. Recruitment is a taxing and tedious process. It begins with posting job openings, soliciting applications, sorting and parsing resumes, shortlisting candidates for interviews, conducting interviews and then finally hiring one candidate out of about 1200 odd applications. Phew! It certainly is a mammoth task.

It’s a catch 22. Hiring too slowly means losing the best employees while hiring too fast means choosing the wrong people. Not just this, there are plenty of hiring mistakes that can cost the company a fortune.

  1. The cost-benefit analysis has to be done carefully. An employee should be hired considering ROI on the candidate vs. cost incurred in hiring him. Otherwise the company is just landing in a negative cash flow situation in other words they are losing money on that employee.
  2. The time, stage, and policy of hiring matter a lot. If the company is a start-up and needs only a freelancer, hiring a full-time employee would be an unnecessary threat and burden.
  3. The hiring policy should be formed giving communication prime relevance. The prospective employee should get a warm feeling about the company culture and work ethics.

The list of hiring mistakes is endless and companies often end up in a mess without realizing their mistakes.

What Is the New Recruiting Trend?

With a landslide change in the business scenario, there has been a huge change in the policies and methodologies of the hiring department. With the evolution of technology the wave of social media recruiting has taken the recruiting scenario by a storm.

Social Recruitment

Social recruitment is the process of recruiting candidates by using social media as databases. There has been an upsurge in this sphere by a swooping 54%. Hiring departments have embraced social media recruiting relative to last year.

The data of 2011 states that nearly 56% of the companies were hiring using social media. Though a humble beginning, now nearly 84% of the companies are hiring using social media as a database. The portals of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, forums, job boards and even websites like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. have become active mediums of change. They have made recruitment faster, free from human bias, and lucrative from the candidate’s point of view.

With the advent of smartphones, the process of recruiting and the application process is made more mobile user-friendly. In the process, social media helps the company search for candidates proactively, build a strong relationship with them, and even tempts them to apply for your company’s vacant post.

What’s more striking, Recruiteze, an online recruiting software company, states that 56% of the candidates apply for a particular job because of the company’s active social media presence.

The social media prevalence of both the candidate and the company are true indicators of the company culture.

In case you were wondering if social media was just an option, you may have found the answer by now. Social media recruiting lets you pick the best candidates in a timely manner and make a good impression on prospective employees.

Latest Trends in Social Media Recruiting

According to the 2018 LinkedIn reports, AI is a bold disrupter and helps companies save time and recruit the best people. The report states that 67% of the companies have reported a savings in hiring and recruiting time. Forty-three percent of companies have experienced hiring free from human bias and 31% of the companies boasted they have recruited the best candidates.

What is more startling is even professional recruiters post more online. In fact, 94% of professional recruiters post jobs online.

Social Media Recruiting- A Solution to all Problems

The benefits of social recruiting have taken hiring agencies by storm. The process of using social media for hiring is beneficial for the company, the hiring agencies, and the candidates. Following are some advantages of social media hiring:

  1. Better Quality Hires

Gen-X is best reached on social media and is happier to apply online from anywhere without having to relocate. The portals of Facebook, LinkedIn, and other job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. are lucrative for millennials.

2. Increases Job Visibility

Newspaper advertising and referrals have become outdated as jobs are increasingly being posted on multiple online platforms at the same time. For better job visibility social recruiting is the best source.

3. Employer Branding

The platform to build a solid and credible employer brand is social media and that is the basis for employee retention.

4. Screening Candidates

With the availability of mass applications screening, parsing, and filtering resumes is a cakewalk. The use of online recruiting software has made the archaic process of recruiting redundant and made the process of hiring easier.

5. Shorter Hiring Cycle

With effective communication hiring cycles have shortened, employee retention has strengthened, and companies can now boast of stability in staff.

The Best Online Recruiting Software

Recruiteze offers a dependable platform which has streamlined the hiring process. The recruiting system and the candidate database have consistently been their main forte. The recruiting software by Recruiteze has aligned the Application Tracking System (ATS) and the requisition management system.

The software enables online job posting, customizes the workflow, maintains the candidate database, offers unlimited e-mail templates, and maintains regular communication with the candidates.

Resume parsing, uploading resume bulk service and maintaining a career page is a lucrative deal. If you are skeptical as to how the process of online recruiting fits in, try the free trial by Recruiteze. The results will help you analyze and understand the benefits of the recruiting trend that is being followed by small and big companies.

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