Top 4 Recruiting Best Practices

Looking for a job is not for the faint of heart. As the unemployment rate increases, the job market becomes even more competitive, which is leaving a lot of recruiters overwhelmed as they try to fill limited positions. Even still, it’s important that recruiters follow the “Golden Rule,” and treat people the way they want to be treated. With that in mind, today we’ll discuss the top 4 recruiting best practices for recruiters in today’s rapidly growing job market.

recruiting best practices

1. Recruiting Best Practices: Treat Potential Employees as Customers

Some recruiters may get so bogged down in putting butts in seats that they forget the bigger picture. Just as recruiters are looking to hire the perfect candidate for the job, job seekers are looking to find the perfect company to join. Therefore, our first recruiting best practice is to treat your interactions with candidates in the same way you’d treat a customer. We believe the outcome yields far greater results.

Consider treating the recruitment process as you might conduct sales or marketing activities. When working with a candidate, take the time to sell them on reasons they’d want to come work for your firm. Be patient and focus on what they need from an employer instead of only focusing on what that candidate has to offer for the position. Yes, it’s important to find out if they are even qualified for the position, but it’s more important that you leave a positive impression with them, such that even if they aren’t a fit, they’d continue to speak favorably of your company to others. You never know who is in their network that might be a better fit for the job.

2. Recruiting Best Practices: Be Respectful of Time

Job seekers are nervous enough about speaking to you (over the phone or in-person) about an open position. However, one thing that is universally rude is to be late for an interview. This recruiting best practice goes both ways. Job seekers should obviously be on time for an interview, but as a recruiter – you should as well. Whether it’s a telephone call, Skyping session, or face-to-face appointment, keep your appointment as if it’s any other business meeting. If you’re running behind or need to reschedule, let the candidate know as soon as possible.

3. Recruiting Best Practices: Provide Prompt and Honest Feedback

One of the biggest complaints we hear from candidates is that after an interview, it took weeks to find out any information. After a certain point, the candidate will usually “take a hint,” but our third recruiting best practice is to provide prompt feedback from the employer, meaning within two or three business days.

That feedback should also be honest, yet compassionate. The reality of the situation is that not all candidates will be the right fit for the position. However, telling candidates how they measure up in a way that won’t completely break their spirit is important. Be sure to explain what, if anything, was the deciding factor. Don’t play games.

4. Recruiting Best Practices: Keep in Touch

Finally, another best recruiting practice for today’s job market is to keep in touch with your candidate pool. Just because you don’t have a position opening right now, doesn’t mean that any of the candidates you’ve spoken to won’t be a good fit in the future.

Continue to keep potential employees engaged beyond the interview. Regularly send email updates and use social media to keep them up to date on what’s happening with your business and how they might fit in.

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