Top 5 Reasons Recruiters LOVE the business of Recruiting

If you’re in the recruitment business, chances are that you’ve been doing the act of “recruiting” for as long as you can remember. In grade school, you were that kid that was constantly scanning a scene, taking notes of people who needed help and being sure that those needs were met (by either yourself or someone more capable). That skill set evolved into an inherent desire to help other people find fulfillment – be it finding the perfect job or a life partner. You could have been anything, but you were perfectly designed to be a recruiter.

Granted, being a recruiter isn’t exactly a glamorous career path. In fact, it’s quite the emotional roller coaster. One minute you’re jumping for joy, the next you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom. But, there are way more reasons for recruiters to love the business of recruiting than not, and today we’ll discuss some of our favorites.

love recruiting

1. Recruiters LOVE Recruiting because they LOVE their Independence

There are very few career opportunities that offer the same level of independence as a career in recruiting, even within a much larger organization. Whether you join a recruiting agency, work as an in-house recruiter or you choose to freelance, recruiting allows you to create a flexible work schedule that works for you (and your family), and keeps the work interesting as it’s constantly changing.

2. Recruiters LOVE Recruiting because they LOVE Variety

Speaking of variety, recruiting is anything but routine. Instead of doing the same old boring tasks day after day, recruiters can enjoy variety in their work. Each client is a new experience, and each job opening will require different strategies to fill the position.

3. Recruiteres LOVE Recruiting because they LOVE having Earning Potential

Unlike many professions, recruiters are often compensated on results vs. hours in the office. Therefore, recruiters tend to love the recruiting business because they all know that the more work they put in, the more candidates they can place and the more earning potential they have to gain.

4. The “Buzz”

Recruiters are a bit like adrenaline junkies. They’re constantly running on some combination of caffeine, adrenaline, and endorphins. The rush of finding the perfect candidate or booking an interview is addicting. The anticipation of an offer made and your candidate accepting an offer is intoxicating. And that commission check? Oh yeah! All it takes is one line of success and recruiters are hooked!

5. The People

Recruiters are “people-people,” and they get enormous satisfaction from helping other professionals find fulfilling work, as well as helping their clients find the talent they need to grow their business. Recruitment is an outlet for many recruiters to make a difference in the world by impacting one life at a time, and that’s pretty cool.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons why recruiters love the business of recruiting, but you know what recruiters don’t enjoy? Recruiters don’t enjoy sorting, filtering or entering resumes into a dated database system.

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