How to Use Twitter to Find Applicants

recruiting softwareSocial media is storming the nation and it seems that you can use it anywhere and for anything. This includes recruiting potential candidates for a position you need to fill. That’s right, you’re able to find your own applicants, without waiting on individuals to come in and hand in a resume.

Twitter, one of the most popular social media sites, is a great way to find a new employee. As long as you use the site to your advantage, finding someone to fill the open job will be a cinch!

How do you actually use Twitter to find applicants? Below, you’ll find several tips that help ensure you’re taking the right steps to do so!


Make sure you are very clear about the reasons you are on Twitter. Your account should be dedicated to the company. Share facts about it, available jobs and other relative information.

140 Characters

This seems impossible – writing an entire description and classified ad in just 140 characters? While you might think it won’t happen, it can. It might not be easy, but thinking creatively will help. Also, stick to the necessary. Don’t beat around the bush. Something as simple as “Looking for a Sales Rep in ATL, competitive salary apply at (use a short url linked to the online application).” This is easy, to the point and also offers a bit of incentive for those seeking a good salary.

Also use hashtags with keywords that will help the tweet filter through to someone who is interested. Hashtags you could use include:

  • #career
  • #employment
  • #hiring
  • #job
  • #jobpost
  • #recruiting
  • #salesjob
  • #staffing

Using up to three hashtags is OK but remember that you’re limited. Don’t go overboard on hashtags and leave out crucial info.


If your Twitter account doesn’t have a lot of followers, it’s time to get a few. Expand your network by building relationships, right online. Search Twitter for keywords that pertain to your business’s services or products. Search by location, industry and interest. Follow people based on those searches and then tweet vital, interesting information that they’ll be happy to follow, in return.

Twitter can be used to your advantage during the search for valuable applicants. Do you use Twitter or other social media accounts to help you recruit? If so, how does it work? Which other accounts do you use?

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