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Case Study #1 –

“iReformat Delivers More Efficient, More Cost Effective Resume Formatting!”

Recruiters See Resume Formatting Software Decrease Time Spent on Resumes to less than 2 minutes!

Julie Wolfe – Talent Acquisitions Business Partner for TechGuard

Recruiters for TechGuard Security who were used to spending a half-hour or more manually reformatting resumes saw that time drop to less than 2 minutes with the introduction of iReformat.

The software allows Wolfe and others to spend more time finding that top talent by taking the previously time-consuming task of resume formatting and making it much, much faster and easier.

Wolfe had this to say about iReformat:

“I would highly recommend using iReformat for any resume templating your company needs to do. It saves a lot of time and formatting challenges you might come across by doing it manually.”

Case Study #2 –

“Resume Formatting Tool ‘Pays for Itself Within a Week’!

iReformat Produces Time, Money Savings for Talent Compliance

Senior Recruiter Craig Charyak – Talent Compliance

With iReformat what used to take an hour or more can now be done in mere minutes.

That’s because this highly effective software can transform any file type, including difficult to handle PDFs, into Word or another easy to use format while also standardizing important features.

The end result is that thanks to this breakthrough resume formatting tool recruiters Craig and other recruiters spend minutes achieving a standard format instead of much, much longer.

Craig says iReformat has produced three big benefits for him: time savings, increased consistency and improved submission time.