A Recruiter’s Best Friend

iReformat makes manual resume reformatting a thing of the past. Our cloud-based software allows you to reformat the job seeker resume using as many different templates as you’d like to create. With iReformat, you’ll be able to spend less time doing tedious manual tasks and more time submitting candidates to your clients and building your hiring pipeline.

Manually reformatting a batch of resumes to match client requests can take hours, and if you have multiple clients with different formatting requirements, you’ll have to repeat the process all over again. Now you can have that time back and spend it doing other things.


"We have been using the iReformat platform for 2 years now and it has saved us thousands of hours across the business, massively increasing the speed for consultants formatting CVs. This means more time to speak to clients and candidates and has resulted in increased recruitment fees across our teams. I highly recommend it.”
Kevin Halligan
Director, Azon Recruitment Group

The Miracle Tool for Recruiters Saving Time for Hundreds of Recruiters

Conveniently Use Anywhere

Whether you want to get work done on the go, or you just want to impress your client with lightning-fast response times, iReformat is built to help. We’ve designed a convenient mobile app for iPhone that’s available on the Apple app store, meaning you can access your candidate database and make candidate submissions from wherever you want.

iReformat is also available on the Office App Store, so you can format and submit resumes without ever leaving the Microsoft Office platform. Simply put, we’ve worked hard to make things as convenient for you as possible

always fair pricing

Custom pricing based on your unique needs

Are you a startup or a medium-sized business? It doesn’t matter.

With our ‘always fair’ pricing model, you will be able to scale and grow with us as your demands do.

Tell us your criteria, and we’ll make the pricing fair for you.

Additionally, we offer both monthly and yearly packages.

introducing new ai features

Built-In AI Functionality For Faster Workflow

✔ Automatically fix spelling and grammar

✔ Convert descriptions into duties

✔ Break paragraphs into sentences

✔ And so much more!

Annual Plans
Monthly Plans

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Custom Plan

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