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Save Time By Letting Software Reformat Resumes Automatically.

iReformat is an ultramodern software program that parses uploaded resumes, giving you the freedom to instantly reformat the information based on templates you can build at any time. It’s the most innovative software of its kind, and allows for more customization than any other product available on the market.

Create Custom Resume Templates

Every company has its own preferences for the formatting of a candidate’s resume, and they all expect submissions to match it. Now you can adjust your formatting to their unique specifications by creating a different customized template for each client. Save these templates and let iReformat take care of the tedious formatting labor in mere seconds!

Get Detailed with Font, Styling, and Spacing

Add or remove typographical emphasis (including bold, italic, and underline) in order to draw a client’s eye to the most important parts of a resume, then standardize spacing between lines and bullet points to make everything look neat and tidy. Choose from a variety of fonts, so you can get specific with your employer branding. iReformat even allows you to standardize formats for dates and contact info in order to keep things uniform across the board.

Go The Extra Mile with Design Features

Make things easier for your clients by using parsed data in a variety of ways. Supplement each resume with customized cover letters, headers, and footers in order to provide quick and convenient references. Additional features like watermarks and information censorship allow you to protect privacy and intellectual property with a professional aesthetic

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