—MEET Recruiteze

A New, Smarter Way to Hire

Recruiteze offers you ultramodern recruiting tools that will drastically reduce your time spent hiring, cut costs, and save you from the headaches of trying to keep hundreds of applications organized on your own. With our cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS), you’ll be able to broadcast your job to tens of thousands of people, and watch hundreds of applications flow into an online database where you can track, organize, and sort them with ease.


“I am very pleased and impressed with the functionality.. When I have questions, I get a response almost immediately. I am very happy to recommend Recruiteze!”
Joey Kolasinsky
Director of HR, Augustine Institute
“Recruiteze is an amazing Applicant Tracking System all around, from the user-friendly platform to the pricing. I especially appreciate their customer service.”
Sara Richarde
HR & Onboarding Specialist, The Experts Bench
“I was one of the first users of Recruiteze, and have since implemented it in four different companies. It’s very user-friendly, and I highly recommend it.”
Julie Wolfe
HR Partner, Merge Consulting, LLC

Making Recruiting Simple for Hundreds of SMEs.

The ATS that Recruiters Trust The Most

—WHY Recruiteze?

Here’s what makes Recruiteze so special…

Job Broadcasting

Recruiteze lets you publish your jobs to over a dozen different online job boards all at once, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, GlassDoor, Google Jobs, and more! With just one click, you’ll receive hundreds of applications that you can manage easily in your applicant database

Online Applicant Tracking

Thanks to our online applicant tracking system (ATS), you can conveniently manage your jobs, candidates, and applications within a single user-friendly platform. Streamline your recruiting process by creating a customized workflow in your portal that matches your company’s unique hiring process, then track resumes and candidates through each stage!


Recruiteze software is cloud-based, so it’s available to you wherever you can connect to the internet. No need to manage servers or databases; we handle the back end so you can access your recruitment data on the go!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With our CRM software, you can manage clients, hiring managers, and vendors. Keep your notes and communication all in one place, so that you and your team can stay up to date on all your clients’ needs!

Integrate Your Email Address

Recruiteze allows you to connect your Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or Exchange server email account to your portal, meaning you can send and receive emails through the platform with your own account! This feature also helps you keep track of all communications with any candidate or contact without leaving the portal.

Tagging & Filtering

Our flexible tagging feature allows you to create unlimited tags that you can assign to your candidates and applications, allowing you to sort and search custom parameters with pinpoint accuracy. This extra layer of organization can save you a ton of time!

Bulk Emailing

Need to send a message to all candidates at once, or a specific group? No problem. With Recruiteze, you can mass message any number of contacts, and make sure each one is personalized to address your contacts by name.