Recruiteze — Candidate Management System

Manage Candidates with Ease and Precision

Recruiteze is the most advanced cloud software for tracking your candidates and keeping your online applications organized. Once you broadcast a position, any candidate who applies is automatically added to your database, and you have the option to tag and filter them in a limitless variety of ways. Identify your top candidates in half the time, and never lose track of a winning application again!

Broadcast Open Positions to Reach Tens of Thousands of Professionals

Create a job posting, and advertise it on over a dozen high-profile job boards across the internet with a single click. The more people you reach, the better chance you have of finding that perfect candidate, and Recruiteze lets you get the word out to qualified professionals who are actively looking for jobs on sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, GlassDoor, Google Jobs, and more! You can even customize your application forms to match the individual needs of each position. Once you post your position, you’ll start to see applications pour in within hours.

Keep Your Database Organized with User-Friendly Tools

Design a custom workflow that lets you track candidates using whatever process works best for your company, then create custom tags and notes that your entire hiring team can see. You can filter candidates and their applications using a variety of specific parameters, allowing you and your team to search for and identify people with crucial skills and experience. 

Build Your Employer Brand

Attract your ideal candidates by giving applicants a glimpse of your company culture. Recruiteze lets you customize your automated responses to match the tone of your workplace. You can also use our bulk emailing feature to send a message out to any number of applicants at the same time, and address them all by their names.

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