4 MORE Business Etiquette Rules to Follow During Phone and Video Interviews

A few days ago, we discussed a few business etiquette rules to follow during phone and video interviews. Today we’re going to pick up that conversation and discuss four more business etiquette rules to follow while “working from home” due to COVID-19.

1. Always Be On Time – even for Video Interviews

Punctuality and professionalism go hand-in-hand. Therefore, whether you’re conducting an interview face-to-face or over video, it’s mission critical to be on time.

It’s especially important for you to be on time if you’re conducting a video interview because you’re likely the one hosting the meeting. Therefore, be sure that you and the interview team fully understand how to use the technology. You may even want to conduct a training session with your team to make sure everyone knows how to use the tool before using it with candidates.

If for any reason, you are running behind schedule, be sure to contact candidates as soon as possible to let them know.

2. Dress Appropriately, especially for video interviews

While we recognize that company dress codes have become increasingly more relaxed, we strongly believe that you should dress appropriately if you’re planning to participate in a job interview. That includes the interviewer and the interviewee and includes any type of interview setting – including video interviews.

Furthermore, while this business etiquette rule applies anytime, considering the circumstances of the coronavirus that have forced everyone to work from home, we felt like a simple reminder to “wear pants,” might be in order.

It is not necessary to put on a three-piece suit, but we do recommend that you put a little bit of effort into your appearance (including combing your hair, trimming your beard, etc), especially for video interviews. Treat the appointment as if you were meeting in person. “Dressing smart” tells candidates that your time with them is important and that you are excited about the prospect of them joining your team in the future.

3. Tidy Up Your Workspace for Video Interviews

If you don’t regularly work from home, you’ll want to find a space in your home that will work for the next few weeks. Your workspace is a reflection of your professional image as well as your company, even if you’re not physically working from the office, so clean it up!

It’s not necessary to have a “desk,” however, you may want to at least have a tabletop so that you can sit comfortably. While working from your lap is acceptable for most work tasks, sitting at a table is more appropriate for video interviews.

Before the interview, be sure to clean up your workspace. Put your morning coffee mug in the sink, clean up any piles of paper you may have laying around and remove any other distractions from your desk. Turn off the TV and put away your smartphone.

If you are working from home with kids in the house, give them a task or have your partner occupy them so that you can focus. It’s impossible to give someone your full attention during a video interview when you are distracted. While some of the rules around video conferencing have bent quite a bit these past few weeks, (in most cases) kids still don’t belong in an interview. They can be present during plenty of other meetings, but we strongly suggest that they not be present for job interviews.

Pro Tip: Face the light. If your “office” has a window, make sure anytime you have a video meeting or interview, that the light is in front of you rather than behind you. When the light is behind you, your face will not be clearly visible (dark and shadowy) to whoever you’re speaking to. However, when the light is in front of you, others will be able to clearly see you on screen.

4. Always Follow-Up!

Whether you’re conducting a video interview, or just keeping track of candidates to fill an opening in your company, it’s important to let your applicant pool know where they are in the process. It’s even more important to thank those applicants for their time if you’ve asked them for an interview.

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