5 Surprising Stats On How We Feel About Chatbots

Recruiting Management SystemAI has completely changed how recruiting takes place within an organization. This is indeed confirmed by the fact that 63% of talent acquisition leaders feel exactly the same according to Korn Ferry’s data. One of the major changes AI has brought in recruiting context is the invention of Chatbots. The traditional channels of communication relied heavily on humans to do the communicating. With the arrival of chatbots, the dynamics are, however, changing big time. Let’s take a closer look. AI can never replace hands-on recruiting efforts. Using our free recruiting management system can help. Try Recruiteze for free today!

Chatbots are basically the computer programs that are designed with an objective of stimulating conversation with human users. Chatbots majorly rely on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Even though the use of chatbots in customer service and as virtual personal assistants is not something new, their use for recruitment purpose is relatively new. The use of chatbots is completely changing the way that people communicate with businesses. Because they enable the use of real-time messaging, it leads to a fundamental shift in how people like connecting with businesses.

The Rise of Chatbots

Just like any emerging technology, the use of chatbots is expected to rise only if they are capable of solving some real-world problems. The challenges for chatbots lie in addressing the problems faced by the use of traditional technologies for providing human experiences.

As found out from the results of the survey that was conducted by Drift, the most common frustrations with the use of online experiences different businesses provide include:

  • Difficulty in navigating websites
  • Failure in getting answers to some really simple questions
  • The problem in accessing the basic details about a business like address, contact number, hours of operation, etc.

The key takeaway is that the consumers are looking for those online experiences that make it possible for them to find the information they are seeking quickly and easily. For this to happen, the chatbots are required to address the problems given above in order to make their use widely acceptable. Otherwise, the novelty of this noble technology might just simply fade off.

In order to gain a better understanding of how the use of chatbots is bringing a drastic change in the recruitment world, given below are several different stats from the recent survey that was conducted by a leading marketing chat software, Drift. The survey was conducted by Drift along with SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, and myclever to analyze how chatbots are reshaping the online experience that gets offered to consumers.

Stat 1

Predicted Uses for Chatbots

The results of the survey revealed that the most common predicted uses for chatbots according to consumers included:

  • Getting quick and immediate answers in case of an emergency as reported by 37% of the participants.
  • 35% of consumers felt that chatbots would make it easier to have a problem or complaint resolved.
  • 35% survey participants also felt that the use of chatbots would make it possible for users to get detailed answers or explanations from the businesses.
  • 34% of consumers revealed that they look forward to using chatbots as they act as a means for them to connect with a human being.
  • 33% of consumers who were surveyed reported the use of chatbots for making a reservation in a hotel or restaurant.

Several other predicted uses for chatbots include paying a bill, buying a basic item, getting ideas and inspirations for purchases, adding yourself to a mailing list or news service, communicating with multiple brands using one program for buying an expensive item. Obvious as it may be, the consumers would, therefore, want to use chatbots to get a quick access to information and answers to their questions in an easy and convenient manner. Furthermore, they would want chatbots to connect them with a human in case they fail in providing answers to consumers.

Stat 2

Potential Benefits of Chatbots

There are several specific benefits that the chatbots are expected to provide. These benefits are the core reason why the use of chatbots is expected to become widely popular. Besides offering on-demand answers in real time, chatbots offer a lot more. When the survey participants were asked about the benefits they expected to enjoy from chatbots, the response was as given below:

  • 64% consumers pointed out that the top potential benefit of chatbots is their ability to offer 24-hour service.
  • 55% believed that top benefit of chatbots was getting an instant reply to inquiries.
  • 55% consumers also felt the use of chatbots would make it possible for them to get answers to their simple questions.
  • 51% believed that the use of chatbots would facilitate easy communication.
  • Only 35% thought it would be possible to get answers to complex questions using chatbots.

The given data clearly reveals that consumers see chatbots offering them a solution of real-time and on-demand experience that all of them have been craving for. However, they are certainly not expected to replace humans, especially when it comes to getting answers to complex problems or detailed answers regarding anything. Furthermore, they are not expected to be much friendly or approachable. These areas, therefore, still remain a constraint for chatbots before they can completely replace human beings.

Stat 3

Age Group Differences in Expectations

It is surprising that the potential benefits of chatbots that consumers see don’t vary much across different age groups. To put it in simple words, it’s not only young people who see chatbots offering a number of benefits. In fact, Baby Boomers (age 55+) when surveyed were 24% more likely to expect benefits from chatbots as compared to Millennials (age 18-34).

  • While 51% of Millennials surveyed felt chatbots would provide an instant response, 61% of Baby Boomers expected an instant response from chatbots.
  • 12% more Baby Boomers expected chatbots to provide answers to simple questions.
  • Also, 8% more Baby Boomers felt they would get their complaints resolved quickly from chatbots.

Thus, chatbots are not just meant for Millennials but for consumers of all age-groups.

Stat 4

How Soon Are Chatbots Expected to Respond?

In order to compare expected response time from chatbots with that of expected response time from other communication channels, the survey participants were asked how soon they expected to get a response from the given channels.

75% said they expected an instant response from a chatbot while 77% felt online chats would give them an instant response. A total of 73% candidates surveyed felt they would get an instant response from a face-to-face interaction. However, only 27% expected an immediate response from an email.

Thus, the channel to which a majority of consumers relate to in today’s world is the online chat. Chatbots come in a close second when it comes to expecting a real-time response from some channel. As it can be deduced from the given data, the best combination for any business, therefore, is to use online chat along with chatbots. This will help a business in not only improving its response time but also in resolving issues faster than ever before. To model, the employees who are online can always take a lead in responding to incoming messages via chats. But in case the volume of incoming chats gets far too high, or if none of the employees are present online, the use of chatbots can be deployed in order to maintain the response time of a business and as result enhance the user experience.

Stat 4

Major Concerns Regarding the Use of Chatbots

Although there are a vast number of uses and benefits that chatbots are expected to offer, consumers have many concerns regarding the use of this technology.

When the participants were surveyed, 43% of them reported they would still prefer communicating with a human. Several other concerns regarding interaction with chatbots are as follows:

  • 30% consumers had their concerns about the chatbots making a mistake.
  • 26% would still want to use a normal website.
  • 24% worried that chatbots won’t be able to talk in a friendly manner.

What is interesting, however, is that 15% of consumers still feel nothing would stop them from using this new technology.

A fact worth giving a thought is that most of these concerns exist even when interactions have to be made with human beings. Thus, there is nothing major that should discourage businesses from using chatbots. Chatbot creators just need to be more thoughtful and creative in ensuring their chatbots provide the best user experience to consumers.

Some Final Words

The conclusion is that not all consumers are willing to completely abandon human-to-human interactions in one go. Most of them have their own concerns regarding the use of chatbots. However, it is only when the consumers are made to weigh the advantages the chatbots offer, they will be more willing to give the new technology a try. As a business, the right thing for you to do is to use chatbots only where it makes sense. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete yes or no. For the success of your business, you can deploy the use of chatbots and still have humans step in whenever required.

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