Applicant Tracking System: How to import hiring managers

This help article is applicable to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

The image below shows how to access the import hiring manager’s feature from the “Company Setup Wizard” menu.

Applicant Tracking System: Hiring Manager Import
Recruiteze: Hiring manager’s import

Once on the setup wizard page, and when you expand the “Import Data” optional step, you can see the option to download the “Hiring managers file format sample.csv”.

Here are the columns that can be added through this import:

  • EmailAddress (required)
  • FirstName (required)
  • LastName
  • CompanyName (required)
  • GroupName
  • PrimaryPhone
  • PrimaryExtension
  • MobileNumber
  • SecondaryPhone
  • Fax
  • JobTitle

Once you download the format file, please do not remove the first header row of the format file. You can populate this sample file with your hiring manager data and then click on the “Select hiring manager csv file…” file selection control to import your hiring managers.

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