Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System: Release Notes April 29, 2018

Applicant Tracking System ProductivityWe had a major release for Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System.

With this release, we have completed the highly desired personalization/localization feature.

Here are the features in this release.

1. Ability to setup the form default values. See knowledge base article for details.
2. All dates are saved in UTC, so that it can be displayed in the local timezone based on the settings.
3. Once the defaults are setup, the default country, job category, state, city, zip, currency type and job type are automatically filled in for you while posting jobs.
4. When you have to add/update your company profile, the available default settings will be pre-filled for you.
5. When adding/updating clients the default values are pre-filled for you.
6. All dates and times are displayed either in a neutral format or local format depending on the functionality.
7. Adding or editing information the dates can be entered in the local format that is saved.

Bug fixes:

There were several important bug fixes.

1. Now all phone numbers allow up to 15 characters, considering our international customers.
2. You can also enter “+” in the phone number field, since some of the phone numbers need a country and area code.
3. Form validations have been updated, so that users get feedback on validation errors.
4. Several other miscellaneous fixes.

Thanks again to our users for the feedback. Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com, if you have questions/suggestions/feedback.

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