We Tried the 4 Best Avature Competitors, Here’s Our In-Depth Feedback And Comparison

avature competitors and alternatives

Are you looking for Avature competitors and alternatives? You do like what you’re getting, but still need a better solution for your specific needs?

We get you.

Although Avature is one of the best-known ATS platforms is Avature, like always in life, “one size does not fit all” so looking for alternatives can be a smart thing to do.

And we got you covered.

We compared some of the best Avature competitors to make that quest easier, only to shine the light on other possibilities. We were focusing on several indicators to point us toward a realistic and useful comparison, and those are:

  1. User experience – How easy is it compared to Avature?
  2. Standout features – What are they, and are they worth it?
  3. Pricing – Does the software justify its price?
  4. Customer support effectiveness – How is the company’s customer support?

You will be able to decide which of the other applicant tracking systems can provide you with more suitable Avature alternatives for different use cases:

  1. Avature competitor #1: Recruiteze
  2. Avature competitor #2: Jobvite
  3. Avature competitor #3: SmartRecruters
  4. Avature competitor #4: BambooHR

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a comparison table with Avatures alternatives. With all the advantages and shortcomings in one place, you can quickly get a sense of what can be the best solution for you.

Spend a few minutes going through this blog, and you’ll be able to choose the best ATS solution for your specific needs.


Avature – One platform, total talent management

avature overview

Avature is a comprehensive solution overarching the whole employee circle – from recruiting process, and identifying and attracting candidates to hiring and retaining people in highly competitive industries and markets.

They’ve been on the market for a long time and have managed to develop one of the most comprehensive solutions.

Avature advantages

  • Robust recruiting and HR management solution – Avature covered every part of the process divided into three key segments Search, Attract & Engage; Track & Hire; Manage & Retain
  • Intuitive and flexible to use – everything within Avature software is customizable, adaptable according to the company’s needs and scale
  • Connecting with students while in University – Avature helps you organize and manage campus recruitment activities within their platform with a performance tracking system.

avature advantages

Avature shortcomings

  • Unresponsive customer service – unfortunately, Avature developed a complex support system that does not consistently deliver as efficiently as their software solution.
  • No free trial – Avature doesn’t offer potential users to experience software firsthand. The only option is to book a demo which will probably not be enough to go through everything they offer
  • Not suitable for small to medium businesses – Avature is a platform made for enterprise businesses, so for smaller ones, it would be too expensive and too complex a solution

Avature pricing

Accurate pricing numbers for Avature’s software aren’t available, but booking a demo will give you a chance to see what’s in it for you and for what cost.

Avature Competitor #1: Recruiteze

avature competitor recruiteze

Recruiteze is an ATS solution focusing on identifying, attracting, and hiring the best candidates. That’s why it does stand as Avature’s competitor, especially for the small businesses and staffing agencies.

This is our solution, but we are well aware of our advantages, just like our shortcomings, and we are not afraid to say it.

Recruiteze advantages

Recruiteze is built with the idea to resolve one of the most pressing issues for recruiters: how to deal with volumes of resumes promptly, and in an easy-to-use environment. Some of the Recruiteze features are proof of how they dealt with this.

  • Resume parsing and formatting – Recruiteze developed the iReformat service to help recruiters better organize resumes, use predefined templates or create new ones. This service has a massive impact on staffing agencies, giving them more time to handle multiple clients with different formatting requirements.
  • Customizable workflows – Recruiteze offers you to build a unique workflow according to the company’s hiring process. This is accompanied by a detailed tracking system for every stage.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use UI – building simple and intuitive software, Recruiteze developed a clear and simple interface without unnecessary wandering around, clicking and scrolling. This also helps new users to jump in and get the job done

recruiteze ats dashboard

  • Screening questions – Recruiteze provides you with customizable screening questionnaires and forms that can be used for different jobs and efficiently pinpoint better candidates afterward.
  • Blind hiring – Recruiteze can remove a candidate’s name, contact information, and photos whenever you need to reduce biases during the hiring process.

Recruiteze shortcomings

  • Not suitable for enterprise businesses – at this point, Recruiteze won’t be a perfect fit for enterprises since it’s mainly built for SMBs and staffing agencies.

Recruiteze pricing

Only one ATS solution with clear pricing plans.

recruiteze pricing

Recruiteze comes with five flexible pricing packages:

  1. Free plan – Ideal for small businesses with one person responsible for the hiring process, and with options to easily store and manage applications for immediate and future needs.
  2. $21.2 per month – Upgraded plan for small business with one person responsible for the hiring process, but this time with available game-changing careers page builder, candidate workflows, and online job application functions.
  3. $42.46 per month – Good for mid-sized businesses with more than one person in the hiring process managing multiple active jobs and overall more workload.
  4. $84.95 per month – Great solution for staffing agencies. Offers twice as many resume parsing capabilities and 25 users and active jobs.
  5. Custom plan – If you need a bigger plan than the enterprise one or some custom features, then make sure to contact us.

Get Started for Free (free plan)

Avature competitor #2 – Jobvite

avature competitor jobvite

Jobvite is another recruiting solution. Jobvite is mainly designed as an in-house solution and is not ideal for staffing and recruiting agencies. It covers recruiting and hiring process, while most of the HR manager’s duties stay beyond this software.

To better understand what kind of software Jobvite offers, let’s go through some advantages and limitations.

Jobvite advantages

This platform is built to suit recruiters’ and candidates’ needs equally. With Jobvite you will find very intuitive and friendly solutions, especially regarding reporting and analytical options.

  • Internal Mobility – this feature is designed to help HR managers better track professional development, identify potential skill gaps, and map the right opportunities for the employees to help them bring the most impact and personal growth.
  • Texting feature – You can text candidates directly from the system to set up interviews and communicate.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Bundle – created to reduce unconscious bias during the candidate resume review process, to help better connect with job seekers of underrepresented communities, and build a more diverse workforce.
  • Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite – Jobvite developed a unified solution that enables users to address every step of the TA process. Evolve TA Suite provides broad functionality across the recruiting journey, and flexibility to adapt the recruiting process and deliver better results.

jobvite pros and cons

  • Customer Support – from what we were able to see, this department works pretty well – responding on time and giving good support. But, there are different experiences from other users

Jobvite shortcomings

  • Only for in-house hiring teams – Jobvite doesn’t provide solutions suitable for hiring and staffing agencies and its best use is within in-house HR teams.
  • Confusing UI – The user interface isn’t straightforward and intuitive as expected, and it can be confusing in multi-level candidate tracking menus.

Jobvite pricing

Although Jobvite is suited for small and medium-sized businesses, its price ranges from $500 to $10000 a month, making them affordable only for enterprise businesses.

They don’t offer a free trial, but the demo is free.

Avature competitor #3 – SmartRecruiters

avature competitor smartrecruiters

SmartRecruiters aims at enterprise businesses looking for one ATS solution. It’s a robust cloud-based platform providing complete functional tools for every step of the attracting, selecting, and hiring process.

Businesses with 50 and more employees will find the most use of the SmartRecruiters platform.

SmartRecruiter advantages

SmartRecruiters is built with recruiters in mind. They can work in sync throughout the whole recruiting process, share important information, and tag and rate candidates, making the process more efficient. Some advantages need to be highlighted too.

  • Candidate experience – one of the features SmartRecruiters are best known for. They developed a system focusing on converting as many applicants and making them fill in the application forms.
  • Simple UI – intuitive and easy-to-understand interface helps recruiters and hiring managers to get to know it quickly and comfortably navigate through it.
  • High Volume Recruiting – a crucial feature for enterprise businesses when dealing with a large volume of applicants, multiple job openings, or seasonal hiring. SmartRecrutier developed a system helping you build an efficient high-volume hiring process.

SmartRecruiter shortcomings

  • Slow customer support – professional yes, but not quick to respond, and you have to be patient while waiting for the support team to reply
  • No free trial – like many ATS solutions, SmartRecruiters doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can book a demo.

SmartRecruiter pricing

Pricing plans are not available on the SmartRecruiters website, and for more information, you will have to contact them.

Avature competitor #4 – BambooHR

Last but not least Avature’s competitor, we are going to present here.

avature competitor bamboohr

As you can see just with a single glance, BambooHR is designed for those looking for HR features and not so much on hiring options. This software will help you gather and organize information throughout the employee life cycle.

BambooHR advantages

This is genuinely an employee-centric solution starting from the moment they are hired and enter the onboarding process to every stage of their life-cycle in the company. BambooHR helps HR managers to track and gather information quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, there is more this platform can offer.

  • Single, secure employee database – designed to communicate with every other feature of the software, including third-party integrations, provides easy access, custom access levels, and enterprise-level security.
  • Employee onboarding – BambooHR developed onboarding software to send onboarding tasks to new employees automatically
  • Simple UI – BambooHR interface and features are very intuitive, so every user will easily be able to jump in and be productive
  • Employee Satisfaction – BambooHR developed a feature helping HR managers gather all the information they need to better understand employees satisfaction without taking more than a few minutes of their time
  • Customer Support – very responsive and friendly, but most importantly helpful
  • Comprehensive HR solution – BambooHR offers all-inclusive HR software with many features like a compensation tracking system with time tracking and Paid time tracking, benefits administration, performance management, and so much more.

bamboohr advantages

BambooHR shortcomings

  • Basic recruiting and hiring options – BambooHR does not offer as many features as other Avature competitors, so with this software, you will be missing opportunities for creating career sites, resume parsing and templates, and broadcasting jobs on as many job boards as other above-mentioned platforms.
  • Not suited for staffing and recruiting agencies – with previous remarks in mind, it is easy to see that BambooHR is not the best solution for these types of agencies.

BambooHR pricing

BambooHR has quote-based pricing. However, they do offer a 7-day free trial.

Which ATS solution is the best for you

This will depend on your primary goal, budget, and which features are most vital for you and your business.

Let’s take a quick look at all the features Avature and its competitors offer, so you can make a better decision.

avature competitors comparison

avature competitors comparison

With all this in mind, we believe that each of Avature’s alternatives is best for certain use cases:

  • Choose Jobvite if you are looking for an excellent and high-priced in-house solution.
  • Choose SmartRecruiters if you are looking for a great collaboration solution easily exchange information among team members.
  • Choose BambooHR if you are looking for in-house HR management software focused on efficient onboarding processes and automated payroll systems.
  • Choose Recruiteze if you are SMB or staffing agency looking for a user-friendly, time-saving, cost-effective, yet powerful Applicant Tracking System

Get a free account of Recruiteze, the simplest ATS for SMBs on the market.