Top 10 Awesome Staffing Software for 2021

Recruiteze FI: Top 10 Awesome Staffing Software for 2021

Staffing involves managing relationships with clients, candidates, and hiring managers.

With the advent of numerous online job boards and social media channels to distribute jobs, an average job application can receive up to 250 applications.

Without having access to excellent online staffing software, it will be tough to sort and filter through the applications to find the right candidate for a job.

In this article, you will understand what is involved in modern-day staffing and some of the top staffing software available in the market to help you achieve success.

What is modern Staffing Software?

what is staffing software

A modern staffing software helps you manage your career portal, job distribution, applications, notes, and communication in one easy to use interface.

Spreadsheets and forms can no longer match the sophistication of online staffing software.

Here are the core features of modern staffing software:


  1. Create and manage your career portal.
  2. Customizable forms and screener questions to filter candidates.
  3. One-click job distribution to numerous job portals and social media channels.
  4. Customizable workflows to manage the applications.
  5. Enhanced communication capabilities with email templates.
  6. Build and search through your candidate database.
  7. Integrate your email account.
  8. Ability to send bulk communications.
  9. Ability to maintain notes and documents.
  10. Ability to schedule tasks and notifications.
  11. Ability to manage your clients, prospects, and vendors.

Now that we know what are some of the essential functions of modern staffing software.

Read this article to learn more about why you need a staffing software.

We will review the top 10 staffing software that can help increase your efficiency and profitability.

Here is our list of Top 10 Staffing Software for 2021



Recruiteze is an affordable ultra-modern staffing software for small and mid-sized staffing businesses.

Recruiteze is not only fully responsive, and easily accessible from any device, but also easy to set up within 5 minutes.

It enables you to create customizable workflows that help you manage your applications more easily, while with one click you can broadcast your job to numerous job boards.

Cool right?

You can also streamline your communications with customizable email templates and integrate your email account to send emails in bulk if needed.

Recruiteze also has excellent CRM capabilities to manage your clients, prospects, and vendor relationships.

Being rated 5 stars on Capterra for ease of use and customer service, Recruiteze offers monthly, annual, and custom plans to suit your specific needs.

The subscription models start at $49 per month paid monthly. Check the pricing plans here.



TempWorks is built purely for staffing agencies and ideally suited for temp staffing needs.

They offer the full suite from recruitment, onboarding to managing timesheets and invoices, as well as being fully responsive and accessible from any device

Tempworks has partnered with Loan Oak payroll, which offers payroll processing and funding solutions.

They are rated 3.8 for ease of use and 4.6 for customer service on Capterra.

Contact their customer support for custom package.



Avionte is specifically built for large staffing agencies.

It has recruiting, onboarding, CRM capabilities, and also back-office capabilities like payroll processing, timesheet management, and billing features

They offer many advanced and customizable features, making it hard to use if you are looking for a simple solution.

Avionte is rated 3.8 for ease of use and 3.9 for customer service on Capterra.

You need to reach their sales team for pricing.



JobDiva is an end-to-end recruitment and staffing solution for mid to large-sized businesses. Built specifically for staffing agencies, one of the core features that their users love is resume harvesting

It pulls resumes from portals like Dice, Monster, and Careerbuilder to build your resume database with resume harvesting. Keep in mind you will need a subscription for these portals for JobDiva to harvest the resumes.

JobDiva also has the back-office features to manage your onboarding, timesheets, and invoices.

They are rated 4.4 for ease of use and customer service on Capterra.

You will need to reach their sales team for custom pricing.



JobAdder is another end to end solution for staffing agencies. Suitable for mid-sized and large enterprises.

They offer recruitment, CRM, and back-office capabilities, as well as, extensive recruitment analytics which is also easily accessible from a mobile device.

For some companies, that’s a deal-breaker.

JobAdder is very popular in the Asia Pacific, starting to make inroads in Europe and North America.

Their software is rated 4.4 for ease of use and customer service on Capterra.

You will need to contact the sales team for pricing.



Harver is another solution meant for volume hiring.

It applies proprietary algorithms to identify if candidates will be successful in a job, and they offer various assessment capabilities prioritizing equal opportunity for all candidates, free from hiring bias

Since it is specifically meant for volume hiring, it can automate resume screening and interview scheduling.

Harver is rated 4.7 for ease of use and 4.9 for customer service on Capterra.

You will need to reach the sales team for pricing.



Vincere is another solution specifically for staffing agencies.

Being an end to end solution for staffing agencies with recruitment, CRM, and back-office features, they also offer separate portals for the company, the client, and the candidate

Their software is highly customizable, allowing you to build your custom dashboards and reports, and better suited for mid and large-sized staffing agencies

Vincere is rated 4.8 for ease of use and 4.9 for customer service on Capterra.

You will need to reach the sales team for pricing details.

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