Company Improves the Quality of Hires While Also Cutting Down on Its Cost-Per-Hire With Recruiteze!

Platform Results in a Better, Faster & More

Cost-Effective Hiring Process


The convenience of being able to apply for open positions online has led many companies to be flooded with job applications.

Without the right program to manage all those applications, a company’s hiring process can quickly become inefficient and error-prone.

Nexgen HR Services chose Recruiteze to streamline its recruiting process and improve cost efficiency – and that’s exactly what this cloud-based software delivered.

“Recruiteze’s ability to quickly and easily search, screen and filter through large numbers of incoming applications is a major benefit,” said Nicholas Persaud, CEO of Nexgen HR Services. “Recruiteze delivers the best in features, performance and results compared to other ATS in the market at a very reasonable pricing.”

How Recruiteze Works:

Recruiteze allows companies to gain control over the flood of job applications that they may receive for an open position. The software creates a searchable database of applications received. Users can then create tags and other parameters to ensure candidates with specific skills and knowledge are identified.

In addition to all that, Recruiteze also makes it easy for users to post positions on multiple job boards and to communicate with job candidates via email.

Specific Benefits Realized by Nexgen HR Services

  • Search, screen & filter – As mentioned above, Recruiteze’s ability to both organize applications and make them easily accessible is a major benefit of the program. This saves lots of time and frustration for employees who previously had to manually manage the applications. Everything is now automated and simplified. Applications can be organized and searched with a few simple mouse clicks.

  •  Collaboration – Another great benefit of Recruiteze is that it allows for collaboration among company staff. Persaud said: “Recruiteze allows the entire recruiting team to work collaboratively on the platform.” This is another time and frustration saving benefit. 

  • Pricing – Another benefit Persaud was quick to draw attention to is the low price of Recruiteze. The software offers all the benefits (and more) of high priced Application Tracking Systems (ATS) for a much lower cost. This makes the software an attractive option for small businesses as well as any other business looking to stay within a budget.

  • Responsive customer service – One more great thing that Recruiteze has going for it is a highly responsive and highly knowledgeable customer support team. This team works closely with clients to ensure that they are not only able to take full advantage of Recruiteze but that they also get a customized version that meets their exact needs. “The management is always open for feedback and delivers continuous improvements to its ATS platform,” Persaud said.


The Bottom Line …

At a time when Human Resources Management (HRM) is increasingly important, Nexgen HR delivers outsourced, end-to-end HR services that can be performed on-site or virtually for organizations without an in-house HR option. 

With years of HR experience in various sectors ranging from First Nation governance, Indigenous-Owned Businesses, manufacturing and health care, the company offers competency based strategic solutions.

Nexgen can take over an organization’s administrative workload and handle HR functions just as they would—while freeing time and resources for company staff to focus on their core job duties and boost profits for the organization.

At the same time, Nexgen can also help businesses in every aspect of recruitment by identifying the talent gap, sourcing the right candidate, screening, selecting, hiring and onboarding.

Now it is able to do that last service even more efficiently thanks to Recruiteze.

“After trying multiple ATS platforms, we can confidently recommend Recruiteze to both individual businesses and job agencies,” Persaud said. “It will not only help to improve the quality of hires but can also cut down on the cost-per-hire, resulting in a better, faster and cost-effective hiring process.”

“We are very happy and satisfied with Recruiteze,” Persaud said.

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