Consulting Business Sees an Immediate Time Savings With Recruiteze

‘It’s the Perfect ATS for a Small Business


A recommendation from a colleague led Kent Wagner, Managing Partner of 10X Business Consulting, to try Recruiteze … and now he is certainly glad that he did.

“Recruiteze is the perfect Applicant Tracking System for your small business,” Wagner said. “It’s saved me hours that I would have previously spent organizing job postings for our various sites and sifting through applications.”

Before acquiring Recruiteze, 10X Business Consulting was not using any type of ATS or job boards. They were relying solely on LinkedIn. Now, thanks to Recruiteze, their entire hiring and recruitment process is automated.

For example, the system has allowed the business to speed up candidate management and significantly reduce “time to fill.” Now all recruiting activities, from posting the job online to issuing a job offer, are tracked and organized – allowing the business to streamline its process and save time and money.


How Recruiteze Works:

Recruiteze is a cloud-based software that offers users a wide variety of functions that they can take advantage of to simplify and automate the application process.

 For example, users can create a custom workflow that fits the needs of their business. They can also easily keep track of custom metrics, which they can also track by day, week, month and year. 

Recruiteze also allows for easy organization of applications and convenient applicant communication methods. In other words, pretty much everything about recruiting and hiring applicants gets easier with Recruiteze.


Benefits Realized by 10X Business Consulting


  • Time Savings – Recruiteze allows the business to quickly and easily post to multiple job boards instead of someone having to go through and manually post to each board. This produces tremendous time savings, allowing staff to spend time on other important tasks.


  • Excellent applicant tracking – Another big benefit that 10X Business Consulting received from Recruiteze is the comprehensive tracking it provided for job applicants. Not only could the business now keep all applications in one convenient, easy to access location but it could also tag and track those applications so that no great candidates “fell through the cracks.”


  • Fast search – Recruiteze also allowed 10X Business Consulting to set parameters and filter candidates based on those parameters so that job candidates with particularly important skills and experience could be quickly identified. As a result, the hiring process got a lot less frustrating.


  • Excellent customer service – One more benefit identified by 10X Business Consulting was the responsive customer service provided by Recruiteze. This allowed the business to get up to speed quickly with Recruiteze and to ensure it was maximizing all the benefits this program offers.


The Bottom Line …

1OX Business Consulting is a different kind of consulting firm. It specializes in helping business owners and operators optimize their strategy and operations to get the most out of their business.

Each 1OX Partner has 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. In other words, they have been in clients’ shoes, lived similar lives and felt similar pain. This puts the business in a unique position to help maximize clients’ success.

Now with Recruiteze they have simplified what was a time-consuming and often frustrating process, freeing them up to offer clients even more support and guidance.

“Recruiteze includes all of the features you need to keep your small business moving, without the fluff (not to mention extra cost) that you find with other, larger Applicant Tracking Systems,” Wagner said. “As a result, I highly recommend Recruiteze.”

“I’ve been on Recruiteze for less than 2 months and have already received 250 resumes,” Wagner added. “I’m pleased with the candidate response, the service, the ATS, and the search options.”

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