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—Two Journeys … One Solution

Simplify & Optimize Employee Onboarding & Timesheet Management … With HREze!

Take the stress and frustration out of onboarding new employees! Our convenient HREeze system is designed to make an often confusing and time-consuming process into a quick and easy one.

New hires get a favorable impression of your business and your HR professionals are able to spend less time behind a screen and more time helping hires transition into their new roles.

With HREze, you get one system that simplifies and optimizes two journeys – that of new employees and the employer hiring them.

—Why Does Your Business Need HREze?

Here’s What Makes HREze so Special …


Makes the onboarding process stress and frustration free! All documents are digitized and employees are guided through the process step by step so they can quickly complete the necessary paperwork and move on to learning their new jobs.

Timesheet Management

Timesheet processes are streamlined and automated to minimize the time needed to complete them. Employees are able to intuitively track their daily tasks and employers are able to oversee and perform administrative functions such as AP and AR.

Resource Management

With HREze, you can track the employment history and all HR-associated activities for a given individual. Resources made easily available can include official documents, time cards, training, clients and much more.



Both employees and employers can customize how they view data to ensure they are able to optimize their work performance. Employers can also gain access to real-time trending and reporting data under parameters they define.

Centralized Management

Thanks to HReze, the complete onboarding process as well as timesheet management and more can all be handled in one convenient central location. You won’t have to go to multiple systems to get the info you need!

Customized Onboarding

You can create customized onboarding processes depending on job type and more. This way you can ensure all essential documentation for a particular position is completed.

Duplication & Error Avoidance

HREze streamlines and integrates various processes so there is no duplication or unnecessary, error prone data entry. Instead, all information is validated and verified during the initial process. Then that correct data is pre-populated into other official forms and accompanying documentation. 

Efficiency Boost

Eliminate “busy work” and get rid of time-consuming manual processes!  

With HREze, you can stay up-to-date on important employee information, track work authorization, maintain placement data, manage payroll, access workforce analytics, submit timesheets and much more.