How Staffing and Recruitment Agencies Work efficiently using Resume Formatting Tool?

The job market today is entirely candidate-driven and the companies need to fight tooth and nail to attract and hire the best talent. With the competition going intense, it’s becoming difficult to source the right candidate for the company. Most of the small companies or businesses can’t afford to have a full-time internal recruitment team. The employees in small-to-mid-sized businesses have to multi-task. One person is responsible for various activities. So, these companies prefer to outsource the recruiting to staffing firms or professional consultancies. In this blog, we’ll discuss how the staffing and recruitment agencies work efficiently using a resume formatting tool and small company ATS.

resume formatting tool

Are you still formatting resumes manually?

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment Company or staffing firms are agencies that help match perfect candidates with the right job and employer. The recruiters in these agencies source the candidates through various platforms, perform resume sorting and shortlist the candidates for a final interview with the client company. These companies try to leave no stone unturned to provide a perfect fit for any job vacancy or open position.

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Why Do Staffing Firms Need Software Solutions including a Resume Formatting Tool?

The recruiters in staffing firms receive hundreds of resumes per day for multiple job openings. Sorting and formatting the resumes manually would eat up a lot of time. The recruiters spend most of their time in resume management and have no time left for other activities such as pitching new clients, upscaling the company, quality interaction with the candidates, business development, etc. Manual working increases the time to hire and drops the efficiency of the staffing firm. There is a significant drop in their rankings in the market and the consequences could badly affect the company reputation.

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To survive and out past the competitors in such a tough scenario, every recruiting agency needs staffing agency software. Staffing agency software (including a resume formatting tool) will eventually automate the entire hiring process, parses resumes in fractions of seconds, automate recruiting tasks and helps to build an impeccable candidate profile. Most of the experts in the market recommend bringing a small company applicant tracking system onboard. But the staffing agencies need more than ATS. They need a resume formatting tool and parsing service that helps them in building impressive candidate profiles totally as per the industry standards. 

Ideal staffing agency software helps the recruitment agencies to send the right candidate to the right client. This ensures a win-win situation for both the client as well as the candidate.

Now, have a look at how the efficiency of any placement agency or staffing firm is boosted by using a resume formatting tool.

1.     Building Strong Relationships with a Resume Formatting Tool

Staffing agency software helps the recruiters in building a diverse pool of talented candidates. This helps the staffing firms in building and maintaining strong relationships with the candidates and keeping them engaged. With the built-in email notification feature, the shortlisted candidates can be informed automatically. All the underlying manual tasks are fully automated which helps the recruiters to focus on delivering quality candidates rather than wasting time in monotonous and mundane tasks.  

2.     Efficiency Levels are boosted with a Resume Formatting Tool

Every staffing agency has to undergo a lot of processes such as sourcing, matching the candidate profiles with company requirements, shortlisting candidates, preparing candidate profile and finally scheduling the interviews. These are certainly time-consuming and lethargic activities.

 With the help of staffing agency software, such long hours of administrative works can be slashed. A good resume formatting tool helps the agencies to find the perfect fit for the companies quickly and efficiently. Apart from resume matching, the tool assists the recruiters in tracking the applicant’s progress, job descriptions posted by the companies and the resumes uploaded by the candidates. This significantly saves a lot of time, money and effort.  

3.     No Scope of Human Error with a Resume Formatting Tool

Many companies are still using spreadsheets to maintain their database. This technology is obsolete and is prone to human error. Staffing agency software automates the data entry works, thereby assuring accuracy and eliminating every scope of human error.

The modern-day resume formatting tool is web-based, so there is no chance of any fraud or mistake caused due to loss of data. The tool helps the recruiters in making better and informed recruiting decisions as they can apply suitable filters to the candidate information to match with the company requirement.

4.    Web-Based Access

The traditional staffing software was desktop-based that limited access only to the office area. Due to the lack of remote access, the agencies tend to lose a lot of international clients with different time zones or immediate requirements. The modern-day resume formatting software is web-based and powered by SAAS. This ensured remote accessibility and 24/7 working.

Enrolling with top-rated software such as iReformat will bring you back in the game. It will help you regain your lost impetus and will assist you in shortlisting the right candidate for your client. iReformat helps recruitment agencies to respond quickly as per the changing market dynamics. The software is powered by unique architecture that is fully capable and flexible enough to deal with the growing needs and demands of staffing companies.

More Benefits of Cloud-Based Recruitment Software

5.     Resume Formatting Tools Improve Time-to-Hire

In today’s competitive scenario, time is money. If a company is taking too much time-to-hire or respond, the candidates may grab some other lucrative opportunity in the meantime. Staffing agency software ensures that the firms keep well with the time. By providing a quicker and better search for talented candidates, it helps the clients to stay ahead of their competitors. iReformat helps the firms to source candidates quickly and efficiently.

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A small delay in hiring could be catastrophic to the companies as it not only means loss of good talent but wastage of money, effort and time as well. Ideal staffing agency software significantly improves the bottom line of the company and lays the foundation for successful hiring.

6.     Build Candidate Profiles with a Resume Formatting Tool

The resume formatting tool helps in building perfect candidate profiles that totally adhere as per the industry standards. All the formatting such as headings, highlighting, fonts, removing bold-italics, making it print-friendly, removing borders, etc is done automatically by the software based on the template selected. The candidate personal information removal and watermark insertion are done brilliantly by the software.


iReformat streamlines and manages the recruiting workflow through automation. It allows the recruiters to handle a large volume of resumes without the need for any paperwork or spreadsheets. This web-based software ensures improved communication as well as fosters a better alliance between the agencies, hiring manager and the applicants. Signup with iReformat today and boost your efficiency and performance in one single sweep with iReformat. You must try the 15 days free trial limited period offer!

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