iReformat Product Release Notes May 15th 2016

We had a minor Product Release for iReformat: Resume Formatting Software today.

Here are the improvements and bugs fixes in this release.

1. Feature: All Line Spacing throughout the resume is now set to 1.0. It also fixes the bug where sometimes when you press enter, it adds a line with 1.5 or 2 line spacing.
2. Bug fix: Some paragraphs had uneven spacing between lines due to different font applied for special characters. This has been fixed so that the paragraphs look consistent throughout the resume.
3. Bug Fix: Sometimes colors other than the automatic black color was applied to font in the resume, this has been fixed to always consistently apply black font color.
4. Bug Fix: Footer Candidate Name was shown in All caps based on the resume candidate name format. Now we apply the correct customization for Candidate Name display and also make it Title Case.
5. Bug Fix: Some date formatting customizations were not applied correctly. Now we added a few more cases to make it more robust.
6. Feature: Removing blank lines between bullets, to make the spacing more consistent between the bullet lines.
7. Bug Fix: Some Job Titles were not getting picked up with Job Title Customization. Added a few more cases where it will be picked up correctly.

Thanks to our users for continuous feedback. The Product is evolving every week. Please let us know if you have questions/suggestions/feedback, we will work on it.

Happy Formatting and Recruiting!
Recruiteze Team

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