iReformat Product Release Notes Nov 27th 2016

We had a major release for iReformat: Resume Formatting Service .

Today is the last update in the series of updates we did the past 4 weeks.

This release covers major updates to the handling of bullets. At this point the resume formatting engine is able to adjust and correct any type of bullets. All bullets are displayed, indented and positioned correctly.

A couple of other fixes in this release are

1. Login Remember Me was not remembering the user, this has been fixed now. Once the Remember Me checkbox is checked, the user will not have to type in the username and password again till they clear the browser cache.

2. The Signup process is simplified further, the Individual checkbox is removed and Company Name has been made optional. This is based on the feedback we received.

Thanks to our users for the feedback, our product is evolving greatly. We appreciate the feedback received, which helps provide better value to all our users.

Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com with your questions/suggestions/feedback.

Happy Formatting & Recruiting!
Recruiteze Team

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