iReformat Release Notes 27th Dec 2015

We had a release today for iReformat: Automated Resume Formatting Service.

The iReformat Office App had a major release release with bug fixes and huge Performance Improvements.

1. The Major bug that was fixed was to get it working on Office 2016. We were having persistent issues with the Office Base64 Encoding Util throwing an error stating that charCodeAt is not supported. This has been fixed with a workaround.
2. Major performance improvements to load the reformat screen between 3 to 5 seconds.
3. Huge improvements to keep the session alive, so that the users do not have to login everytime.

We have also released bug fixes and additional customizations for the Formatting Engine

1. Footer logo is now supported
2. Additional footer customizations other than default customizations available
3. Ability to add Candidate Name in body with several customizations
4. Candidate Name display format standardization throughout resume
5. There was an issue introduced last release with default templates showing the bullets with zero size. This has been fixed.
6. Additional formatting engine stabilization improvements

Thanks to all our users for providing feedback, it helps us greatly to improve our product. Please send an email to support at ireformat dot com for questions/suggestions/feedback.

Happy Formatting!

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