iReformat Release Notes Jan 24th 2016

We have a major release for iReformat: Automated Resume Formatting Service today.

We have some new features and some bug fixes.

The major bug fix or feature enhancement is with the Bullets spacing and alignment, now the bullets are indented, aligned and spaced consistently throughout the resume. This is a big improvement which will make the resumes look much more consistent.

Other than that we have added some new features and also we have added support for custom features for some clients.

1. Custom Footer with support for hyperlinks in the text and custom font settings.
2. Support for header with a single image acrosss the header
3. Header customization to allow different headers for first page and subsequent pages.
4. Margin customization to support specific client’s needs.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this release. Thanks to all our users for their feedback, which is helping us evolve the product.

Happy Formatting!

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