iReformat Version 1.0 Launch Release Notes

We are excited to be launching the product this week.

Here are the features in the Pre-Launch Release

1. Create/Edit Resume Templates.

2. Create/Edit Email Templates.

3. New resume reformat.

4. Existing resume reformat.

5. Job Requisitions List

6. Activity Summary Report

7. Activity Detail Report.

8. User Administration – Add other users/administrators.

We have added a couple of new features since the Pre-Launch Release

9. Create/Edit your clients and contacts

10. Create/Edit your clients and contacts.

11. Easily select client/hiring manager through Auto-Select for sending resumes in emails.

12. Integration of the subscription billing service.

13. Ability to easily  upgrade/downgrade the service.

A host of little improvements to complete the application.

We are working on the Help/Videos. Once those are complete, we will be launching this week.

Thanks to all the Beta Users for providing valuable feedback, we really appreciate it.

Thanks to the team for having done a great job with the product.

Once the product is launched, we would love to hear the feedback from our users, we promise you, we will take each and every suggestion seriously and where

required we will communicate with you to get additional information.

Please let us know if you have any questions at


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