Is Job Hopping Now Normal?

small business applicant tracking systemGeneration Y. As one of the most talked about generations in the corporate world, “Millennials” are often the main focus for recruiters. “Baby Boomers” are right in the throes of retirement. Generation X is now eligible for senior exec positions. That leaves those candidates who are constantly frowned upon to fill the upcoming positions.

Why is Generation Y considered less than desirable when it comes to recruiting? Millennials have a reputation for being unreliable when it comes to commitment. They refuse to fully pledge their loyalty for fear something better will come along sooner than expected. Therefore, they leave the door open.

This might seem very odd to those that have spent a lifetime committing their time and dedication to one company. For Gen Y, it’s normal, and here’s why. Need to keep track of all your Millenials? A small business applicant tracking system can help. Recruiteze is free! Try it now with no obligation.

Gen Y and Job Hopping

Job hopping has become the popular path of Millennials in recent years. This simply means they go from one job to the next, with only a short amount of time in between.

According to a new study done recently, more than half of Generation Y prefer to job hop. In addition, those same candidates think that doing so is the new norm. They believe that hopping from one position to the next won’t negatively affect the companies they work for. On the other hand, more than three quarters of surveyed Millennials actually think that job hopping is an undesirable factor to include on their resume. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop them from moving from one company to another, if it means pursuing happiness. reports that “Ninety-one percent of Millennials (born between 1977-1997) expect to stay in a job for less than three years, according to the Future Workplace “Multiple Generations @ Work” survey of 1,189 employees and 150 managers. That means they would have 15 – 20 jobs over the course of their working lives!”

small business applicant tracking systemGeneration X and Baby Boomers aren’t happy with this situation. They feel that moving from one job to another in a two year time span deems the candidates unreliable.  Many experts have cautioned recruiters to steer clear of the hoppers to ensure they hire someone who will offer longevity to the company. Notes are even often recorded in the small business applicant tracking system.

Are there any advantages to moving from one company to the next? Yes. Oftentimes, employees get trapped “climbing the corporate ladder” and never really reach their full potential. Jumping around can actually help them in this case. In addition, working for different company cultures can help a candidate round out their experience as well as further their growth and development in their field of work.

It all depends on who’s in charge of recruiting as to whether or not job hopping is the new norm and if it’ll be accepted within the company’s list of OK’d work history and experience must-haves. Many businesses expect candidates to have at least five to ten years experience in a specific position before being considered for the job. When jumping around is first and foremost, it’s hard to accept that they’ve learned all they need to in the short amount of time they’re spending with each company.

There’s a lot of time and effort spent in the recruiting stages of hiring, even with the help of a small business applicant tracking system. If every candidate that’s brought on leaves after the first year or two, HR departments must begin the process all over again. Is this beneficial? Will it add too much extra cost?

For companies who choose to consider Millennials with a resume containing five to ten different previous employers, consider the following to ensure their experience is what it should be before hiring:

  • What is their value to your company?
  • What type of knowledge do they have about the industry?
  • Were they dedicated and reliable during their time spent at their last two companies?
  • Did previous managers have trouble keeping them motivated and interested in their career?
  • Do the candidates consider themselves a worthy investment?
  • Have they been unemployed for more than a year? If so, why?
  • Are they enthused about the position?
  • Are they willing to accept the challenges that come with the position?
  • Do they have specific examples of accomplishments they’ve achieved at one or more different companies?

Do your homework on these candidates. If they seem to be worth the investment, go ahead and hire them. If you have any reservations at all, reconsider. Talk with their references and the candidate in further detail. You have the right to hire the best applicant for the available position. Don’t feel obligated to hire someone based on what’s considered the “new norm.” Do what’s best for your company.

How do you feel about job hopping millennials? Are you a Generation Y-er, making a career out of jumping from one company to the next? If so, do you have any advice for those considering the same?

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