Latest Product and Company Updates

It has been a while since I provided an update on what we are working on. The last update was on Feb 17th, 2015, which is a long time these days.

We always had plans for a release every 2 weeks, but due to the imminent launch of our Recruiteze Recruitment Software, all our efforts are focused on this major release.

It does not mean we have not done any changes on the iReformat Resume Formatting tool, we have done atleast a couple of minor updates during this period. We do address customer concerns as a priority even though we are working on some long term road map.

The reason we are also releasing our Recrruiteze Recruitment Software/Applicant Tracking System is during the Beta, our Beta Customers gave great feedback to make the product more appealing to Startups and Small Businesses. A few of our Beta clients did not have any Recruiting Software, they were all managing their jobs and candidates through emails and spreadsheets.

We slowly built a basic Jobs, Candidates, Clients and Hiring Manager Database with a Careers Page and simple workflows and reports. Since we do have this basic Applicant Tracking System, we decided we can release this product which is complementary to our iReformat Resume Formatting Service.

We want to fill a need for a simple affordable Applicant Tracking System for Startups and Small Businesses. We are specifically targeting small businesses, we do not have an Enterprise Plan for this software. We will be evolving this product based on Customer Feedback, we are aware it is pretty basic at this point, but within the next 6 months we will have feature parity with most current systems while also keeping it simple, modern and responsive.

All our software are Simple, Modern and Resonsive. That means it can work seamlessly across all devices from PCs, Tablets and SmartPhones.

We will also be moving to a new domain ( Recruit Easy ) and our iReformat product will be a suddomain like

The reason for a new domain is we are still starting out and we have products for the Recruitment Industry, we thought it made more sense to start with a domain which reflects all the products. When we registered ireformat, we did not have plans for other products beyond Resume Formatting service.

Both the products are on the same platform, we will have different pricing plans for both the software.

Thanks again to all our Subscribers and we are very grateful to the feedback and encouragement. Please feel free to send any feedback, suggestions or feature requests to feedback at

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