Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System Release Notes 11/12/2017

Applicant Tracking SystemWe had a product update for Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System today.

These are mostly bug fixes to the Job Requisitions Management feature. Here are the fixes and upgrades.

1. Now an email goes out to all assigned recruiters, when a job is added or updated.
2. Validation is simplified and more robust for the job posting feature.
3. Major improvements to the Job Requisitions list feature.
4. All job requisitions filters do not do a page refresh.
5. Retaining filter state when navigating between job and list page.
6. Activate/Deactivating a job does not refresh the page.
7. Now retaining the page number state while navigating between job and list page.
8. Showing appropriate messages for saved job, activated and deactivated job.
9. Fixed issues with tooltips, so that they are displayed consistently on the job requisitions list page.
10. Now the application is always on. So you do not have to log out and log in. If can login once and work on the application the whole day and the session is alive.

Thanks to our users for the feedback provided, we are improving the product greatly.
Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com if you have questions/suggestions/feedback.

Happy Recruiting!
Recruiteze Team

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