Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System Release Notes Dec 25, 2017

applicant tracking systemWe had a minor update to Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System today.

Here are the improvements in this release:

1. Now the users can instantly upgrade/downgrade from the billing page. Earlier, an email would be sent and a support representative had to do this for the user.
For users in the free plan or if they are in the fifteen day trial period. They can upgrade/downgrade instantly.
2. Fixed a bug where cancelling edit candidate, would not refresh the original candidate details.
3. Fixed an issue with edit candidate, where the skills would not be saved in certain cases.
4. Improved the performance of Add candidate feature.
5. Fixed a couple of other minor issues.

Thanks to our users for the feedback. Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com if you have questions/suggestions/feedback.

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Happy Recruiting!
Recruiteze Team

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