Recruiteze Applicant Tracking System Release Notes Jan 28, 2018

Applicant Tracking SystemWe had a minor product release for Recruiteze: Applicant Tracking System today.

Here are the improvements in this release:

1. Candidate workflow has been enhanced for performance, now there are no flashes when the candidate is transitioned through the different states.
2. Added additional fields that can be configured in the smart widget. There are 3 new fields, city, state and locationwithcomma. This provides more flexibility while configuring the widget.
3. Fixed a couple of null reference exceptions from last week.
4. Candidate workflow feature is now available in the Search by name/email feature. It works same as in all the other candidate views.
5. UI improvements to the candidate search feature.

We have also made some exciting price changes to keep in line with our users feedback. We have almost reduced all the resume formatting plans by half.

The ATS plans have been updated to support small businesses better. We have a new plan for 39.95 that allows up to 5 users.

Thanks again to our users for the feedback. Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot come if you have questions/suggestions/feedback.

If you are not a customer of Recruiteze. Recruiteze is a full featured small business applicant tracking system, allowing you to improve your hiring process exponentially. The software allows you to manage your career’s page, jobs, applicants, communication, scheduling and notes in a simple easy to use interface. Recruiteze is cloud based, it is available from any where and any device as long as you have an internet connection and browser. Try Recruiteze free today!

Happy Recruiting!
Recruiteze Team

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