Online Applicant Tracking System: How to use My Jobs Feature

This feature is available only for the Recruiteze: Online Applicant Tracking System product.

This feature is available for both administrators as well as other users of the system. When a job requisition is added to the database, it can also be assigned to one or more recruiters. When a job requisition is assigned to a recruiter, the recruiter will automatically be notified via email that a job requisition has been assigned to them. Also it is visible in their my jobs view.

The image below shows the my jobs page and how to navigate to it from the left navigation menu. The left navigation menu is different for the regular users, who will not see all the admin features.

Online Applicant Tracking System My Jobs Feature
The image above shows accessing the my jobs feature, as well as the different action links on the view. From this view, the recruiter can view the job detail like shown below.

online applicant tracking system - my jobs detail view

It also shows two action links to view applications and download report. Download report feature is only available for admin users.

Clicking on the applications link, will take you to the applications view like shown in the image below:

online ats- applications view
Thanks to our users for the continuous feedback, it helps us evolve better. Please send an email to support at recruiteze dot com if you have any questions/suggestions/feedback.

Online Applicant Tracking System

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