Recruiteze Release Notes 05-17-2015

We had a minor release today, the features are applicable to both our Recruiteze – Recruitment Software and iReformat – Automated Resume Formatting Service

The Features in this Release are

1. Collect Resumes From Email Attachments – This is very useful to manage all your resumes in one place. Even if you have a Recruitment Software/Online Applicant Tracking system software, you are still bound to get Candidate Resumes in Emails. Without the ability to automatically route your resumes, you will have to download and upload to our software. We have made this easier for you by providing an email address (resume at recruiteze dot com), you just have to forward the email with the resume attachment to this email address, from your recruiteze registered email address and the resume will automatically parsed and added to your company Resume Database. You will receive a reply email once the resume is added to the your resume database.

2. New Skill highlight Option – We are continously evolving our product based on user feedback. Based on the feedback from one of our premium customer, who had a need to remove all highlight/bold formatting in a resume and highlight only the specific skills, we have added a new option “Remove all Highlight and Highlight Specific Keyword(s) Only”. This option is a combination of 2 of our existing highlight options “Remove all Highlight” and “Highlight Specific Skills/Keywords”.

That is all for today, we have a few features releasing this week.

Thanks to our users for continued feedback, we look forward to keep evolving our products to best suit your needs.

Have a great week!


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